16 Oct 2021

Success in the individual events, at the ITTF Costa Brava Spanish Para Open 2021 in Platja d’Aro, on Saturday 16th October, no less than eight players added to their title haul.

Spain’s Roberto Eder Rodriguez and Ander Cepas added to their gold medal collection as did Poland’s Maksym Chudzicki and Igor Misztal. Likewise, Norway’s Tommy Urhaug and Belgium’s Mark Ledoux enjoyed further success, as in the women’s events did Alexandra Saint Pierre from France and Germany’s Marlene Reeg.

by Ian Marshall

Pride of place very much went to Alexandra Saint Pierre, playing in her first ever international tournament.

On the previous day she had won women’s singles class 2-5, on the concluding day of action she partnered colleague Anaïs Cartault to success in the same category.

Notably, the pair recorded a 2-0 win against the top seeded outfit comprising Russia’s Anastasia Puzanova who joined forces with Italy’s Allegra Magenta and Femke Cobben of the Netherlands.

Gold for Lena Kramm (left) and (right) Marlene Reeg (Photo: Antonio Alvarez)


Somewhat differently, it was success as anticipated for Marlene Reeg. The women’s singles class 7-10 winner, she partnered colleague Lena Kramm to gold in class 6-10.

Top seeds prevail

Meanwhile, for the men, competing in the same category as in the individual events, it was success as status advised.

Roberto Eder Rodriguez joined forces with Spanish colleague Iker Gonzalez and Kuwait’s Yaqoub Alqasem to win class 3; likewise, Tommy Urhaug allied with compatriot Sebastian Vegsund to claim the class 4-5 title.

Marc Ledoux and Gyula Zborai won men’s team class 8 (Photo: Antonio Alvarez)


In a similar manner, Marc Ledoux partnered Hungary’s Gyula Zborai to class 8 gold, a feat also achieved by Ander Cepas alongside colleague Juan Perez in class 9 and Igor Misztal in harness with Polish teammate Pawel Wlosyka in class 10.

Repeat success, it was the same for Maksym Chudzicki, the men’s singles class 7 winner; he allied with compatriot Michal Deigsler to secure the class 6-7 team title.

Wins as anticipated, it was the same in class 1-2, the French pairing of Benoît Besset and Julien Michaud emerging victorious.

Pride of place for the top seeds in the men’s team events but there was one surprise outcome.

Florian Hartig partnered Maximilian Krober to success in men’s team class 11 (Photo: Antonio Alvarez)


Germany’s Floria Hartig and Maximilian Krober secured the class 11 title; crucially they recorded a 2-1 win against top seeds, the French pairing of Timothe Ivaldi and Antoine Zhao.

The next tournament on the calendar is the ITTF SQY French Para Open 2021, staged from Tuesday 9th to Thursday 11th November in Voisins les Bretonneux.

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