12 Sep 2021

Staged in the Horst-Korber-Sportzentrum Berlin from Thursday 9th to Saturday 11th September, Germany’s Thorsten Flues emerged the most successful player at the 2021 ITTF Parkinson's World Championships.

He completed a clean sweep of titles; the only player to achieve the feat.

by Ian Marshall

Play organised in three categories according to impairment, competing in class 1, he won the men’s singles event, having earlier partnered colleague Silke Kind to the mixed doubles title and Thorsten Boomhuis to men’s doubles gold.

“I made more mistakes than I had hoped but only because my opponents were very good.” Thorsten Flues

Meanwhile, in the women’s events, England’s Jan Fuller very much caught the eye. Likewise competing in class 1, she concluded matters as the one player to own all three colours.

“I played well, attacked when needed to and got myself a medal.” Jan Fuller

She emerged the women’s singles winner, claimed mixed doubles silver partnering colleague George Chan and women’s doubles bronze in harness with Chile’s Digna Lopez-Abarca.

A successful venture for Jan Fuller (Photo: Wolfgang Grote)


Notable successes and there was one of particular note, the brainchild of the whole concept.

Nenad Bach contracted Parkinson’s in 2010, he started to play table tennis in 2015; advised by Croatian colleague, Zoran Primorac, he attended the Liebherr 2018 World Team Championships in Halmstad to launch the inaugural Parkinson’s World Championships,

He enjoyed success, he partnered George Chan to men’s doubles class 2 gold.

“We both enjoyed it very much. It’s the first time we have played together, I think we have similar styles.” George Chan

Gold for George Chan (left) and (right: Nenad Bach (Photo: Wolfgang Grote)


Significant performances but most notable of all was the response; in 2019 49 men and 12 women representing 12 member association competed in the ground-breaking event in Westchester, in Berlin 96 men and 39 women from 21 member associations competed.

The value of the tournament, the facts speak for themselves.

Men’s Singles: Class 1
SF: Thorsten Flues (GER) v Vinko Kurent (SLO) 3,2,10
SF: Norbert Hasse (GER) v Holger Teppe (GER) 5,4,1
F: Thorsten Flues (GER) v Norbert Hasse (GER) 5,10,-10,2

Men’s Singles: Class 2
SF: Javier Perez de Albeniz (ESP) v Olle Rydberg (SWE) -9,11,9,8
SF: Borut Volk (SLO) v Erik Ånstrand (SWE) 9,8,6
F: Borut Volk (SLO) v Javier Perez de Albeniz (ESP) -8,7,10,7

Men’s Singles: Class 3
SF: Jörgen Sjostedt (SWE) v Christophe de Martin (GER) 9,12,7
SF: Maik Gühmann (GER) v Kim Plum Hansen (DEN) 17,9,7
F: Jörgen Sjostedt (SWE) v Maik Gühmann (GER) 3,7,10

Women’s Singles: Class 1
SF: Jan Fuller (ENG) v Silke Kind (GER) 7,-12,9,9
SF: Margie Alley (USA) v Elisabeth Idal (DEN) -7, 12,-6,14
F: Jan Fuller (ENG) v Margie Alley (USA) 14,8,7

Women’s Singles: Class 2
SF: Biserka Murüsec (SLO) v Ewa Kerntopf (POL) 5,2,4
SF: Brigitte Plehn (GER) v Jutta Ahmerkampf (GER) 11,7,-5,-7,1
F: Biserka Murüsec (SLO) v Brigitte Plehn (GER) 8,-9,4,6

Women’s Singles: Class 3
SF: Maritha Julin (SWE) v Zdislava Freund (CZE) -8,10,3,8
SF: Negin Schaller (AUT) v Leona Macalister (SCO) 7,8,2
F: Negin Schaller (AUT) v Maritha Julin (SWE) -4,10,-9,6,9

Men’s Doubles: Class 1
SF: Thorsten Boomhuis/Thorsten Flues (GER) v Martyn Simons/Holger Teppe (WAL/GER) 5,8,8
SF: Hamid Ezzat-Ahmadi/Ilya Rozenblat (USA) v Jesper Jerslund/Lars Bo Kaspersen (DEN) -8,8,5,9
SF: Thorsten Boomhuis/Thorsten Flues (GER) v Hamid Ezzat-Ahmadi/Ilya Rozenblat (USA) 6,8,8

Men’s Doubles: Class 2
SF: Nenad Bach/George Chan (USA/ENG) v Brian Carson/Christoph Freyberg (ENG/USA) 8,8,7
SF: Scott Stielstra/Jörgen Sjostedt (SWE) v Andreas Moroff/Karsten Nikodem (GER) -7,5,-8,9,6
F: Nenad Bach/George Chan (USA/ENG) v Scott Stielstra/Jörgen Sjostedt (SWE) 3,-8,-9,10,9

Men’s Doubles: Class 3
SF: Stefan King/Jan Nordlinh (SWE) v Jens Grieve/Maik Gühmann (GER) -9,3,3,5
SF: Hans Arnell/Erik Åstrand (SWE) v Gerdt Jessen/Kim Plum Hansen (DEN)7,-13,9,6
F: Stefan King/Jan Nordlinh (SWE) v Hans Arnell/Erik Åstrand (SWE) 6,12,-9,7

Women’s Doubles: Class 1
SF: Silke Kind/Marita Siegel v Jan Fuller/Digna Lopez-Abarca (CHI) 5,-6,-8,6,13
SF: Jutta Ahmerkamp/Brigitte Plehn (GER) v Margie Alley/Elisabeth Ildal (DEN/USA) 5,-1,10,-9,5
F: Silke Kind/Marita Siegel v Jutta Ahmerkamp/Brigitte Plehn (GER) 9,7,9

Women’s Doubles: Class 2
SF: Petra Scheurig/Heike Schroven (GER) v Eva-Lena Jansson/Cecilia Hiort (SWE) 3,-6,3,8
SF: Maritha Juhlin/Lin Zhiang Freud (SWE) v Hermine Hofner/Negin Schaller (AUT) 9,-3,10,-7,9
F: Petra Scheurig/Heike Schroven (GER) v Maritha Juhlin/Lin Zhiang Freud (SWE) 10,3,11

Mixed Doubles: Class 1
SF: George Chan/Jan Fuller (ENG) v Holger Teppe/Brigitte Plehn (GER) 11,7,9
SF: Thorsten Flues/Silke Kind (GER) v Lars Bo Kaspersen/Elisabeth Ildal (DEN) 5,-8,-7,10,9
F: Thorsten Flues/Silke Kind (GER) v George Chan/Jan Fuller (ENG) 11,8,7

Mixed Doubles: Class 2
SF: Jens Grieve/Margie Alley (GER/USA) v Erik Åstrand/Maritha Julin (SWE) 8,-12,13,7
SF: Norbert Hasse/Heike Schroven (GER) v Borut Volk/Danica Kocbek (SLO) -7,3,5,12
F: Norbert Hasse/Heike Schroven (GER) v Jens Grieve/Margie Alley (GER/USA) -8,3,5,9

Mixed Doubles: Class 3
SF: Jan Nordlindh/Gun Nilsson (SWE) v Andreas Moroff/Negin Schaller (GER/AUT) 8,-6,4,10
SF: Lars Rokitta/Petra Scheurig (GER) v Maik Gühmann/Karin Lumeu (NED) 5,-6,0,-3,2
F: Lars Rokitta/Petra Scheurig (GER) v Jan Nordlindh/Gun Nilsson (SWE) 8,7,7

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