05 Sep 2021

The fact Egypt brought 13-year-old Hana Goda to Yaoundé to play in the prestigious African Championships, being staged from Wednesday 1st to Tuesday 7th September, is most noteworthy; in fact quite remarkable for one so young to be first team selection.

Many older generation players present in the Cameroon city, are veterans of battles dating back to decades before Hana Goda was even born! They are left breathless with the young lady's play..

by Olalekan Okusan, ITTF Member Relations Press Officer

Furthermore, in the women’s team event that decision was more than substantiated; the teenager responded and responded in style.

Significantly, in the final against Nigeria, she beat the experienced 34-year-old Offiong Edem (11-8, 13-15, 11-5, 11-6).

An excited Goda could not hide her joy of contributing to Egypt’s 3-0 success.

“I never knew I would be playing in the final until the morning when Dina Meshref told me I would be playing and that I would play the first game against Edem. When we started the match I was really enjoying myself, particularly after winning the first game. I was full of confidence after taking a 10-5 lead in the second game. But I was surprised that my opponent could come back to win the game. Usually when I lose a game, it is always difficult for me to get back into the match. However, on getting back to the third game, I started gaining my confidence back, which really helped me to win the match.” Hana Goda

Considered to some extent the second-in-command to Dina Meshref in the Egyptian team, Hana Goda described the victory over Edem as a morale booster for her going into other events at the championships.

“I am here to do my best and take each game as they come. Hopefully, I can win more titles in Cameroon, my first ITTF African Championships.” Hana Goda

The precision and confidence of both her play and self-analysis of her performance are simply out of this world.

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