31 Aug 2021

Comprehensive performances were very much the order of proceedings as semi-final places were booked in men’s singles class 1-2 and women’s singles class 6-8 at the Tokyo 2021 Paralympic Games on the early afternoon of Tuesday 31st August.

Honours were shared between nations in the Metropolitan Gymansium as 2-0 victory margins were repeated time and again; the favourites underlined their quality as medals, the colour unknown, were reserved.

by Ian Marshall

Anne Barneoud and Thu Kamkasomphu were in form for France in women’s team class 6-8 in opposition to Korea Republic’s Kim Seongok and Lee Kunwoo.

Similarly, China’s Mao Jingdian and Huang Wenjuan showed no charity when facing Germany’s Stefanie Grebe and Juliane Wolf, a situation that also applied to the Russian Olympic Committee representation of Maliak Alieva and Victoriia Safonova.

They ended the hopes of Brazil’s Lethicia Lareda and Millena Santos.

Not to be overshadowed, Frederique Hoof and Kelly van Zon of the Netherlands succeeded against Norway’s Aida Dahlen and Nora Korneliussen.

At the semi-final stage China meets France, the Russian Olympic Committee opposed the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, in men’s team class 1-2, the same policy was pursued in a most impressive manner.

Slovakia’s Martin Ludrovsky and Jan Riapos accounted for Italy’s Andrea Borgato and Federico Falco; Poland’s Rafal Czuper and Tomasz Jakimczuk overcame the Russian Olympic Committee duo comprising Dimitrii Lavrov and Rasul Nasirov.

Imposing performances on show, it was the same from Korea Republic’s Cha Sooyong and Park Jincheol; they overcame Spain’s Iker Sastre and Miguel Toledo.

In the penultimate round Korea Republic meets Poland, Slovakia opposes the French combination of Fabien Lamirault and Stéphane Molliens, the top seeds, they were not required to compete in the quarter-final round.

The semi-finals of both men’s team class 1-2 and women’s team class 6-8 will be played on Wednesday 1st September.

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