10 May 2021

The second version of the Playbook for Athletes and Officials for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games is now available.

A detailed publication of some 60 pages, there is one very clear message; hygiene is of the utmost importance!

by Ian Marshall

Covid-19 has alerted our thinking; the publication highlights the fact every possible step must be taken to ensure cleanliness, in fact, efforts need to be doubled with no stone left unturned.

Not only must extra attention be paid to hygiene when at the Games, but we must also do exactly the same in the months and weeks leading to the multi-sport spectacular.

The guard must not be lowered and, of course, the residents of Japan and Tokyo must be respected. Every care must be taken to make sure the legacy is not one of a rise in Covid-19 cases but one of state-of-the-art premises being available for the good of the community.

Therefore, wearing a mask at all times is mandatory; minimal physical interaction is the order of proceedings by following the “Three Cs” concept of avoiding: Closed Spaces, Crowded Areas and Close Contact.

Equally, support by clapping rather than cheering, singing or chanting and do not share items. Take that extra five seconds to sanitize your hands; that’s all it takes!

It is absolutely essential to take every possible precaution, an increasing range of vaccines is becoming available, they are effective, but are not a panacea.

They reduce the risk of catching the virus, they do not guarantee total immunity.

Hygiene is paramount to the success of the Games – taking all possible precautions is of the utmost importance; take care, take great care, stay safe and in whatever capacity, enjoy Tokyo 2020!

Read the Playbook for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games below:

Playbook for Athletes and Officials – version 2 (April 2021)

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