26 Nov 2020

World Table Tennis (WTT) is on show for the very first time this week, as WTT Macao hits screens across the globe. After months of anticipation, Wednesday 25 November 2020 marked the first day of the promotional showcase, which is enabling players, fans and media to experience a taste of what to expect when WTT launches its first calendar of events in 2021.

There has been increasing demand to witness the world-class action at WTT Macao. The matches, which run until Sunday 29 November 2020, are being broadcast live to 141 countries across Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe and the Americas. This includes new opportunities in Australia, Austria, Cambodia, Canada, Germany, Laos, Latin America, Mongolia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Philippines, Switzerland and Thailand. Fans are able to stream the action on YouTube and Twitch in the remaining markets.

Introducing a thrilling playing format, scoring system and a dynamic prize money structure, WTT Macao marks the start of an exciting new direction for the sport and is placing many of the biggest table tennis stars under the spotlight of brand-new WTT surrounds.

Who will steal the limelight and lift the first WTT silverware?

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