04 May 2020

Postponed owing the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 ITTF World Tour Hong Kong Open was scheduled to take place this week from Tuesday 5th to Sunday 10th May; disappointing but do not despair!

You will be treated to classic contests from the past that ignited the tournament. Each day commencing at 12.00 GMT on Monday 4th May, matches can be relived on the ITTF Facebook page and YouTube.

Entire matches, filled with nail-biting excitement and pure drama fill the schedule.

Excited?! Here’s what’s in store from Hong Kong:

Men’s Singles Round One: Maharu Yoshimura  vs Zhang Jike (2018)

What happens when one of the most famous table tennis players of all time takes on an upcoming Japanese with a mesmeric range of services? Don’t miss China’s Zhang Jike against Maharu Yoshimura!

Women’s Singles Quarter-final: He Zhoujia vs Liu Shiwen (2018)

A commanding performance, a hard fought win and two athletes with contrasting styles giving it their all: this quarter-final between two top Chinese players is one for all ages – it’s He Zhoujia versus Liu Shiwen!

Men’s Singles Quarter-final: Zhou Yu vs Timo Boll (2019)

A legend from Germany meets an athlete who exudes high skill – it’s Timo Boll versus China’s Zhou Yu; we bet you will not see what’s coming!

Women’s Singles Final: Wang Manyu vs Chen Xingtong (2018)

The 2018 edition of the Hong Kong Open saw a Chinese domestic women’s singles final; Wang Manyu took on teammate and compatriot Chen Xingtong – sparks guaranteed!

Men’s Singles Final: Kazuhiro Yoshimura vs Cho Seungmin (2018)

Players trying to assert places in their respective national teams met in the men’s singles final two years ago. You would not want to miss the intense contests between Kazuhiro Yoshimura and Cho Seungmin!

Women’s Singles Final: Wang Yidi vs Mima Ito (2019)

A final of the modern era as the China versus Japan rivalry gains momentum – watch Wang Yidi battle Mima Ito for the Hong Kong crown.

Men’s Singles Final: Lin Gaoyuan vs Tomokazu Harimoto (2019)

Top off your week with the equivalent of a three-tier sundae cake – Japan’s Tomokazu Harimoto opposes the skills of China’s Lin Gaoyuan in last year’s final and a half!

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