01 May 2020

In need of some thrilling action described as if it were live? We have you covered - all in a safe and socially distant manner!

Every single day over the next month and more, fans will be treated to a historical "live blog" of past World Table Tennis Championships to re-live classic moments and high-stakes matches, in a format light to consume but heavy for fun!

The month of May has traditionally been one of the busiest in the history of the World Table Tennis Championships. From 1979 in Pyongyang up until 2018 in Halmstad, all of the best stories will be retold as if they were happening live in the moment and precisely on the corresponding day of previous years.

For example, on 6th May you will read all about Japan’s Seiji Ono winning in Pyongyang (1979), Sweden’s Jorgen Persson in Chiba (1991), Chinese great Wang Liqin triumphing in Osaka (2001) and Shanghai (2005), while on that same day Team China also won in Halmstad (2018). Yes, all of this happened on 6th May!!!

6th May was undeniably one of the biggest days in the history of the World Table Tennis Championships, but there are so many stories to tell every single day during May and early June, and that is exactly what we plan to do!

Ready to Rewind? (Photo by Remy Gros/ITTF)


Every World Championships held over the years has had its best moments for us to pick out – whether it is the key victories which solidified the legends’ place in history or the shocks that brought the best of the new blood into the limelight – we are set to go into a mini time machine to re-live all of that!

Just as if you were following a live event here on, you will be able to follow the matches’ main moments, twists and turns – especially in the finals where you just know there will be unexpected comebacks!

So… are you ready for the most electrifying rewind in table tennis?!

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