05 Mar 2020

The first day of play, Wednesday 4th March, concluded at the 2020 South American Junior and Cadet Championships in the Peruvian capital city of Lima, Brazil was very much the nation to make their presence felt.

In all four team events on offer, they ended the day unbeaten.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

A series of fine performances but pride of place goes to Leonardo Kenzo, Nicolas Nishimura and Augusto Andrade, in the cadet boys’ team event, they finished in top place in their group against the odds.

The no.5 seeds, they recorded a 3-0 win against the top seeded Ecuador outfit comprising Diego Piguave, Jeremy Cedeño and David Vasquez; problems for the country that takes it name from the Equator, there was consolation. In their second fixture of the day with Paul Ponce Cedeño replacing David Vasquez, a 3-2 win was posted against the Colombian outfit formed by Felipe Fajardo, Samuel Chlgisser and Daniel Cruz.

Thus second place in the group and progress to the main draw was secured; in the corresponding group Peru, the no.2 seeds, who selected from Juan Luna, Eduardo Mendoza, Renzo Zebbalos and Rodrigo Vigo finished ahead of Chile, the no.3 seeds, represented by Josthyn Miranda, Alvaro Fuentes, Benjamin Alfaro and Benjamin Suarez.

Different situation

Somewhat differently for Brazil, it was first place in their group in the junior boys’ team event as their second seeded position advised. Selecting from Diogo Silva, Kenzo Carmo, Henrique Noguti and Shim Joo, first place was secured ahead of the no.4 seeds, Chile, represented by Eusebio Vos, Jeremias Paredes, Jean Parra and Matias Pedraza.

All eyes on Adolfo Cucho (Photo: courtesy of 2020 South American Junior and Cadet Championships)


First place for the second seeds, it was the same for the top seeds. Peru with Adolfo Cucho, Carlos Fernandez and Adrian Rubinos in action. They finished the day ahead of the no.3 seeds, Argentina’s Matias Guadalupe, Lautaro Sato and Tomas Sanchi.

First place for girls

Similarly, in the junior girls’ team and cadet girls’ team events it was first place for Brazil; the top seeded places justified.

In the former, selecting from Livia Lima, Laura Watanabe, Lhays Stolarski and Giovanna Grilo, top spot was reserved ahead of the no.5 seeds Argentina’s Isabella Fragapane, Divina Ding, Valentina Parola and Florencia Chirino. Meanwhile, in the latter it was top spot for Guilia Takahashi, Beatrix Kanashiro, Karina Shiray and Victoria Strassburger; second position finished in the hands of Argentina’s Abril Iwasa, Naomi Marino, Abril Okuyama and Manuela Pereyra.

A fruitful day for Naomi Marino (Photo: courtesy of 2020 South American Junior and Cadet Championships)


In the corresponding groups; in the junior girls’ team event, the no.2 seeds, Chile represented by Valentina Rios, Jerusalen Flores, Sofia Vega and Macarena Montecino finished ahead of Colombia’s Alejandra Alzate, Manuela Echeverry and Juliana Rodriguez.

Likewise in the cadet girls’ team competition it was top spot for Chile. The no.2 seeds, Constanza Mesas, Fernanda Araneda, Romina Barrientos and Sofia Perez claimed first place, next in line came Peru’s Cecilia Zea, Karla Mendoza, Andrea Becerra and Alessia Colfer.

Play in the team events concludes on Thursday 5th March.

2020 South American Junior & Cadet Championships Brazil

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