27 Feb 2020

The Chinese sports content, marketing and entertainment platform will be Major Partner of the Qatar, Korea and Australian Opens in 2020.

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) is pleased to announce that Chinese sports content, marketing and entertainment platform LD Sports will be the Major Partner of three ITTF World Tour events this year:

Qatar Open: Doha, 3rd – 8th March 2020

Korea Open: Busan, 16th – 21st June 2020

Australian Open: Geelong, 23rd – 28th June 2020

LD Sports will enjoy category exclusivity in sports consulting services at the three prestigious ITTF World Tour events, in which international table tennis stars will be competing for much-coveted silverware, prize money and World Ranking points.

Founded in 2015, LD Sports seeks to inspire and empower users of the platform to realise their dreams. As such, LD Sports has become a primary educator to support children looking to kick off their sports careers.

“Table Tennis is China’s national sport. Many of our top players bring glory for our country on the international stage. LD Sports is keen to serve as the bridge for developing China’s rich sporting heritage and to convey the country’s fighting spirit. As a renowned international federation, the ITTF is very dedicated to promoting table tennis across the world and LD Sports, as a famous sports brand, is experienced in youth training and sports promotion. We are looking forward very much to setting up a fruitful partnership with the ITTF.” – Liu Zhiqiang, General Manager of LD Sports

“We are very happy to welcome LD Sports, a Chinese company with a global presence, onto the international stage of table tennis through the ITTF World Tour. The Qatar Open, Australia Open and Korea Open will feature intense competition as all the top Chinese and international players will attend, and we look forward to a very successful cooperation with LD Sports!” – Kimberly Koh, Head of Sponsorship at ITTF

“We are looking forward to collaborating with LD Sports, who are very passionate about sport and help sports lovers to chase their dreams. ITTF and LD Sports will join forces to develop table tennis, to convey the fighting spirit, create a friendly sports environment and promote positive sportsmanship.” – Xu Yi, Head of Sponsorship (China) at ITTF

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