03 Feb 2020

At the opposite ends of the table some three months ago at the Para Finland Open 2019 Matti Launonen Memorial; in Alexandria on Monday 3rd February, Japan’s Yuri Tomono and Russia’s Fatma Fattakhova were very much together.

They emerged the winners of the first title to be decided in the team events at the 2020 Egypt Para Open; they struck gold in women’s class 6-8.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

In October in the Pajulahti Sports Institute, lining up alongside colleagues Victoriya Safonova and Elena Litvinenko, Fatma Fattakhova secured the class 8 team title; a 2-1 win against Yuri Tomono and compatriot Megumi Hirokane proved the crucial result. Silver was the medal colour for the Japanese duo.

Together in Alexandria, also in a group organised event, Yuri Tomono and Fatma Fattakhova were in total harmony.

Impressive margins

Victory by the 2-0 margin was the order of the day in every fixture. They accounted for Iraq’s Najlah Al-Dayyeni and Zainab Farttoosi, before continuing their good form to overcome Egypt’s Hanna Hammad and Mona El-Shrabasy. Impressive in their opening contests, it was the same in the concluding engagement; a comprehensive win was posted in opposition to the combination of Samah Abdelaziz, also from Egypt and Morocco’s Fatima Maray.

Najlah Al-Dayyeni and Zainab Farttoosi now meet Hanna Hammad and Mona El-Shrabasy to decide second place.

Top seeds stamp authority

Success for Yuri Tomono and Fatma Fattakhova was as expected, they commenced matters, the top seeds. Similarly, with one day remaining, the top seeds are very much on course.

In the women’s events, the combination of India’s Bhavina Patel alongside Jordan’s Faten El-Elimat and Fatmeh Al-Azzam secured first position in their initial phase group and thus advanced to the semi-finals. Likewise, in a group organised class 9-10 competition, Turkey’s Neslihan Kavas and Ümran Ertis ended the day unbeaten.

Same scenario

Meanwhile in the men’s events, it was the same scenario after the early exchanges; the top seeds in no mood for charity.

Thailand’s Yuttajak Glinbanchuen and Anurak Laowong remained unbeaten in class 1-3, as did the Chinese Taipei trio comprising Cheng Ming-Chih, Lin Wen-Hsin and Lin Yen-Hung in class 4-5.

Standing classes

Progress as anticipated in the wheelchair classes, in the standing categories it was no different. The combination of Thailand’s Rungroj Thainiyom, Russia’s Mars Gabdullin and the Czech Republic’s Kristian Jelinek remained unbeaten in class 6, a situation that also applied to Hungary’s Andras Csonka and Gyula Zborai in class 7-8.

Not to be outdone in class 9-10, the partnership formed by Spain’s José Manuel Ruiz and the Czech Republic’s Ivan Karabec enjoyed a day without defeat, a situation that applied also in class 11 to the pairing of Hungary’s Peter Palos and Venezuela’s Denisos Martinez.

Play in Alexandria concludes on Tuesday 4th February.

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