03 Feb 2020

Four titles, Thailand emerged the most successful of all when the individual events concluded on Sunday 2nd February at the 2020 Egypt Para Open in Alexandria.

In the men’s singles events, it was gold for Wanchai Chaiwut, Rungroj Thainiyom and Phisit Wangphonphathanasiri as it was for Anurak Laowong.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Wanchai Chaiwut won the class 4 title, as anticipated; he commenced play the top seed. Likewise Rungroj Thainiyom, emerged the class 6 winner, Phisit Wangphonphathanasiri was successful in class 8; also started as the favourites.

However, for Anurak Laowong, life was slightly different. He was the no.2 seed and upset the odds; competing in class 3, he secured the title at the final expense of the top seed, colleague Yuttajak Glinbanchuen (11-6, 11-6, 11-7).

Success in the final for the second seed against the top seed, it was the same in class 1-2; at the final hurdle Russia’s Evgenii Riazantcev accounted Spain’s Iker Sastre (8-11, 9-11, 11-5, 11-9, 11-4).

Gold for top names

Otherwise in the men’s singles events, it was gold for the top seeds.

Additional to Thai success, Chinese Taipei’s Cheng Ming-Chih secured the class 5 title; Montenegro’s Philip Radovic emerged successful in class 9-10, Hungary’s Peter Palos clinched gold in class 11.

Surprises in women’s events

A day for the favourites, it was somewhat different in the women’s singles events.

In group organised competitions, in class 5, Chinese Taipei’s Hsiao Shu-Chin, the top seed, had to settle for second place behind Egypt’s Faiza Mahmoud; a situation that applied also in class 7-8, Hungary’s Zsofia Arloy had to settle for runners up spot behind Japan’s Yuri Tomoni.

Disappointment for two top seeded players, for three more the discontent was even greater. In class 6, Russia’s Fatma Fattakova finished in third position behind Iraq’s Najlah Al-Dayyeni and Egypt’s Hanna Hammad, the defending champion.

For Hungary’s Alexa Svitacs in class 9 and Hong Kong China’s Wong Ting Ting, it was the same result. Alexa Svitacs ended the day next in line to Russia’s Olga Komleva-Gorshkaleva and Turkey’s Neslihan Kavas; Wong Ting Ting behind the Japanese duo of Sayuri Mio and Maki Ito.

Anticipated outcomes

Surprise outcomes; in the remaining women’s singles events, the decisions wer as anticipated.

Winner the previous week in Chile, Florence Gossiaux-Sireau secured the class 1-2 title, India’s Bhavina Patel emerged the class 3-4 winner; Chinese Taipei’s Tian Shiau-Wen captured the class 11 title.

Individual events concluded; attention now turns to the team competition; play concludes on Tuesday 4th February.

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