02 Feb 2020

Iraq’s Ali Al-Saedi alongside Thailand’s Wanchai Chaiwut and Rungroj Thainiyom defend their men’s singles titles at the 2019 Egypt Para Open, as in the counterpart women’s event does the host nation’s Hanna Hammad.

Play takes place in the Mediterranean’s largest city, Alexandria, from Saturday 1st to Tuesday 4th February.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Winner of class 1-2 when the tournament was staged last June, also in Alexandria, if he is to achieve repeat success, Ali Al-Saedi faces a tough task. Competing in the same category he is not seeded, an event in which Spain’s Iker Sastre is the top name.

It is the same for Hanna Hammad, once again on duty in class 6, she is the second name in the order of merit behind Russia’s Fatma Fattakhora.

Rather differently Wanchai Chaiwut and for Rungroj Thainiyom are the top seeds; the prominent names amongst a very strong contingent from Thailand. Wanchai Chaiwut is the top seed in class 4, Rungroj Thainiyom in class 6, the events in which they were successful last June.

Notably, colleagues Yuttajak Glinbanchuen and Anurak Laowong are the respected top two names in class 3, Phisit Wangphonphatanasiri in class 8.

Gold in Chile

Successful some eight months ago, successful just over one week ago in the Chilean capital city of Santiago, the names of Frenchman Stéphane Messi and Spain’s José Manuel Ruiz appear amongst the men’s entries, for the women, also from France Florence Gossiau-Sireau is on duty.

The winner of class 6-7 in Santiago, present in class 7 in Alexandria, Stéphane Messi is not seeded, the top seed is Egypt’s Sayed Ming-Chih; slightly differently seeking a second consecutive class 10 title, José Manuel Ruiz is the no.2 seed. Montenegro’s Filip Radovic is the top name.

Meanwhile, for Florence Gossiaux-Sireau, the class 2-5 winner in Chile, she is the top seed in class 1-2, being one of four European players who occupy pole position. All from Hungary, in the women’s singles events, Zsofia Arloy heads the list in class 7-8, colleague Alexa Szvitacs in class 9. In the men’s competition Peter Palos, the London 2012 gold medallist, is the top name in class 11.

Asian presence

Notable names from Europe, it is the same from Asia. In addition to the contingent from Thailand, Chinese Taipei’s Cheng Ming-Chih is the top name in men’s singles class 5, in the women’s events Hsiao Shu-Chin heads the order in class 5, Tian Shiau-Wen in class 10.

Furthermore, India’s Bhavina Patel is the leading name in class 3-4, Hong Kong China’s Wong Ting-Ting in class 11.


A total of 73 men and 44 women compete in Alexandria; overall 23 national associations being represented.

In addition to Egypt, entries have been received from: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Chinese Taipei, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Hong Kong China, Hungary, India, Ireland, Iraq, Jordan, Japan, Morocco, Montenegro, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Spain, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey and Venezuela.

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