21 Nov 2019

First staged in 2001, the home always the Argentine capital city of Buenos Aires, the Copa Tango is one of the most popular tournaments on the Para calendar; that is endorsed by the entry for this year’s event; every player, who last year secured a medal in the individual events, whether gold, silver or bronze, appears on the entry list.

Play commences on Friday 22nd November being preceded by a junior tournament.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Local eyes in the men’s singles events very much focus on Gabriel Copola, Elias Romero and Aleksy Kaniuka.

Notably, in the very first edition of the tournament, Gabriel Copola was a bronze medallist in the open wheelchair class, a silver medallist in class 3; last year he did rather better, once again competing in class he struck gold.

Likewise in 2018, it was the top prize in class 6-7 for Aleksy Kaniuka, as it was in the junior event for players under 23 years of age. Once again he is present both categories, a situation that also applies to Elias Romero. In 2018, there were no junior wheelchair events (class 1-5), last year in the main event, Elias Romero won class 5; this year two titles is the goal.

Gabriel Copola competed in the very first Copa Tango (Photo: Grega Valancic / Sportida)
South American Challenge

Hopes high for the host nation; there are strong challengers from other South American countries, players who succeeded last year.

In the men’s singles, Chile’s Luis Bustamente once again appears in class 1, as does Brazil’s Luis Guarnieri in class 8. Also note further Chilean names in the guise of Manuel Echaveguren, Cristian Dettoni and Matias Pino. Last year Manuel Echaveguren was a bronze medallist in class 10; neither Cristian Dettoni nor Matias Pino competed. Earlier this year in Lima at the Para Pan American Games, in class 6, Matias Pino won gold, Cristian Dettoni was a bronze medallist.

Notable names from South America defending titles; it is the same from Asia. Once again Indonesia’s Adyos Astan will be on duty in class 4, as will colleague, David Jacobs in class 10. Similarly, the name of Japan’s Hayuma Abe appears on the entry list; a class 9 athlete, last year he won the class 8-10 title in the junior event, before emerging victorious in class 9 in the senior tournament.

Seen here at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, David Jacobs returns to South America (Photo: Richard Kalocsai)
Champions return

Meanwhile, in the women’s singles competition, the winners last year are also present; the host nation’s Nayla Kuell, who succeeded in class 3-5, is on duty as is the class 7-10 champion, Indonesia’s Hana Resti.

A total of 13 players compete in the junior tournament, 84 in the senior competition; in addition to Argentina, the countries represented are Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, France, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea Republic, Puerto Rico and Uruguay.

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