15 Jul 2019

Pleasantville located in the town of Mount Pleasant in Westchester County, New York; could there be a more appropriate name for the destination of what promises to be one of the most satisfying and spiritually rewarding events of the year?

The village will be the home for the inaugural 2019 ITTF Parkinson’s World Championships; the local Westchester Club will host the tournament from Friday 11th to Sunday 13th October.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Organised under the auspices of the ITTF Foundation, overall eight competitions will be staged; men’s singles and women’s singles events will be held in three categories, the class in which a player competes depending on the level of impairment. In addition, open to all, a men’s doubles and a women’s doubles event will be staged.

Matches throughout will be best of three games; in the men’s singles and women’s singles events, play will take place in two stages. The initial phase in the singles events will be in groups followed by knock-out; players finishing in first and second places in each group advance to the main draw, all others to the consolation. Both doubles events will be based on the knock-out formula.

Open to all players who suffer from Parkinson’s; applications may be submitted by individuals or by national associations, the entry is wide open. If you have never played table tennis before and you meet the diagnosis requirements you may play; just I suggest you buy a table tennis bat very quickly and start practising!

Attendance at the Westchester Table Tennis Center on Friday 11th October is mandatory; classification starts at 8.00 am. Later in the day at 6.00 pm the Delegates Meeting will be held, at this meeting the draw for the doubles event will be made; the following day at 12.00 noon the draw for the men’s singles and women’s singles events in each of the three classes will be administered.

Packages including accommodation at the nearby Sheraton Hotel (4 star) or Comfort Inn (2 star) are available plus transport from and to the airports of John F. Kennedy International Airport (IATA Code: JFK), LaGuardia Airport (IATA Code: LGA) and Newark Liberty International Airport (IATA Code: EWR).

The tournament is the brainchild of Nenad Bach and Will Shortz; they are the Event Directors, they form the ideal partnership. Simon and Garfunkel or the 1992 American Basketball Team must step aside, they are the “Dream Team”!

Nenad Bach is a musician and peace activist; the sport of table tennis creates harmony, it brings people together from all walks of life, every conceivable land mass on planet earth is member of the International Table Tennis Federation. Also, to succeed you need a good rhythm to your play.

Now, Will Shortz is the puzzle creator and crossword writer for the New York Times; I have the ideal task for him! Give him the schedule to organize; that’s the biggest puzzle of all!

Full Information

2019 ITTF Parkinson’s World Championships: Prospectus (issued on Wednesday 29th May)
2019 ITTF Parkinson’s World Championships: Entry Form (Closing Dates – Early Entry is Thursday 15th August – Closing Datr is Tuesday 10th September)


2019 ITTF Parkinson’s World Championships: Westchester Table Tennis Club
Ping Pong Parkinson: 2019 ITTF Parkinson’s World Table Tennis Championship

Hotel Accommodation

2019 ITTF Parkinson’s World Championships: Sheraton Tarrytown Hotel (4 Star)
2019 ITTF Parkinson’s World Championships: Comfort Inn (2 Star)

Deadline Dates:

Initial Entry Form: Thursday 15th August
Final Entry Form: Tuesday 10th September
Changes and Substitutions: Tuesday 1st October
Accommodation Form: Friday 27th September
Room Cancellation or Amendment: Tuesday 1st October


For further information kindly contact:

Nenad Bach, Tournament Director
Email: [email protected]

Will Shortz, Tournament Director
Email: [email protected]

Freddy Almendariz, Competition Manager
Email: [email protected]

Westchester Table Tennis Center
Email: [email protected]

2019 Parkinson's World Championships Nenad Bach Will Shortz

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Day 3 - 2019 ITTF Parkinson's World Championships