22 Apr 2019

Success for Venezuela in the opening men’s doubles qualification round; on the morning of Monday 22nd April at the Liebherr 2019 World Championships in Budapest, Cecilio Correa and Jan Medina achieved their first goal.

However, they have a much greater goal; that is to keep table tennis alive in their bankrupt country.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

The facts in Budapest read that Cecilio Correa and Jan Medina recorded a straight games win in opposition to the partnership formed by Luxembourg’s Gilles Michely and Latvia’s Artur Reinholds (11-5, 11-8, 11-8). It was a most comprehensive win.

“It was not as easy as it may have looked, we were better in the short play; sometimes we played long, maybe one in three points, just to keep them guessing.” Jan Medina

Control but at 10-7 in the third game, Gilles Michelly released a top spin stroke that would have left superman stunned; on the next point he served into the net!

“It was incredible stroke, I didn’t know what to do; I thought about calling for “Time Out”, taking a break.” Cecilio Corea

It was good to see the smiles on the faces of the two young men and then I realized as our conversation developed just how much I take for granted; my old bones may ache but everything I need is paid for and provided. Simply their country has hit rock bottom.

“We have great problems in Venezuela, we manage the best way we can; we fight for our families but we try to be positive in these difficult times.” Cecilio Correa

Simply, the two young men have met all the costs and expenses to be in Budapest, there is no money in the sport ministry funds; they are to be applauded for their efforts and frankly their positive view on life.

“Cecilio is collecting bat rubbers to give to young players in Caracas, so we can keep the sport alive; he has collected over 460 sheets. Many players in Latin America have helped; such players as Adriana Diaz from Puerto Rico; we keep trying.” Jan Medina

Both Cecilio Correa and Jan Medina play in Europe; Cecilio Correa for Deportivo Murcia Idecomur in Spain, Jan Medina for Holzbüttgen in Germany.

“At the moment in Caracas, there is no food in the supermarket, you can’t but toilet paper; people are leaving, the average earnings per month are between $6 and $10 that is all!”

Desperate times but most certainly the spirit is willing and for the young people in Venezuela, they have two fine role models; stand tall Cecilo Correa and Jan Medina.

Support Venezuela – Contact:

Jan Medina – Email: [email protected]
Cecilio Correa – Email: [email protected]

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