17 Apr 2019

A global viewership for a global game: between 21-28 April, the biggest table tennis event of 2019 will be broadcast from Budapest to all corners of the world.

Viewers from at least 145 countries will be able to watch the Liebherr 2019 ITTF World Table Tennis Championships on TV, while the rest of the world will have daily access to the action from the Hungexpo, Budapest, on the ITTF’s official live streaming platform itTV.

The figures mark an increase on the 122 nations receiving televised coverage of the most recent individual World Table Tennis Championships, held in 2017 in Düsseldorf, when a total of 355.6 million TV viewers was registered.

From the moment that play begins at 10.00 GMT+2 on Sunday 21 April, viewers will be able to watch the action on as many as eight tables by tuning into itTV.

The ITTF’s official live streaming platform will be providing worldwide coverage of the whole event right up until the epic final matches played on Sunday 28 April.

Furthermore, 25 national and international TV channels, covering at least 145 countries and representing every continent in the world, will be broadcasting a busy programme of matches across Tables 1 and 2 from when the main draw begins on Monday 22 April up until the following Sunday (28 April), when the biggest table tennis event of 2019 eventually draws to a close and the final World Champions are confirmed.

Among the major TV channels are China Central Television (CCTV), TV Tokyo and Eurosport, between them covering all of Europe, West/Central Asia, China and Japan – the latter nation representing a more crucial market than ever, as table tennis interest continues to accelerate with the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games just around the corner.

CCTV alone will be showing more than 50 hours of live action to the globe’s largest population. Together with all the other broadcasters, this will result in a record amount of TV coverage in World Table Tennis Championships history.

The TV production will also be next-level with a staggering 18 cameras being used on Table 1, ensuring that every angle possible will be shown around the world.

Matches from all four tables in the Main Hall and a further four tables in Hall 2, for an impressive total of eight tables, will be streamed live on itTV.

What is for sure is that wherever you are between 21-28 April, the Liebherr 2019 ITTF World Table Tennis Championships will be brought right to you!

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