15 Apr 2019

Competing at the biggest sporting occasions can sometimes prove to be a daunting experience but what about the athletes who carry the hopes of a nation on their shoulders alone?

With the Liebherr 2019 ITTF World Table Tennis Championships getting underway on Sunday 21st April we’ve decided to take a look at the players set to feature as the sole representatives of their respective national associations.

by Simon Daish

Carrying the torch for Panama, Omer Avi-Tal will be hoping to do his nation proud in Budapest – A member of the Zhang Jike fan club, Avi-Tal became a crowd favourite at the 2016 China Open so don’t be too surprised if he receives a similar reception in the Hungarian capital.

Perhaps the biggest name set to be her national association’s solitary competitor is that of Cameroon’s Sarah Hanffou; crowned African champion in 2010 Hanffou has featured at the Olympic Games and is a member of the ITTF Athletes’ Commission.

How far will Sarah Hanffou progress in Budapest? (Photo: Adrien Brunette)

Two further players will have the honour of solely representing their national associations: Prince Kai-Tongi will lead the way for Sierra Leone while Jersey places its hopes in teenage ace Jordan Wykes.

Keep an eye out for the four players going it solo in Budapest and if you’re travelling to the Hungexpo be sure to lend them your support.

Immerse yourself in the drama and excitement of the Liebherr 2019 ITTF World Table Tennis Championships by purchasing your tickets below:


2019 World Table Tennis Championships Sarah Hanffou Omer Avi-Tal Prince Kai-Tongi Jordan Wykes

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