11 Apr 2019

Gold in the under 21 women’s team event, in both the junior girls’ and cadet girls’ team competitions, the colour of the medal was the same; on Wednesday 10th April at the 2019 African Youth, Junior and Cadet Championships in Accra, it was a clean sweep of titles for the young ladies of Egypt.

Furthermore, at the final hurdles, there were no moments of alarm; imposing 3-0 wins were posted in each discipline.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Mariam Alhodaby, Marwa Alhodaby and Hend Fathy combined to secure the under 21 women’s team title, at the final hurdle they overcame Algeria’s Sannah Lagsir, Hiba Feredj and Loubna Djedjik.

Impressive from the Egyptian trio, it was almost as imposing from Tunisia’s Fadwa Garci, Samar Hichri and Maram Zoghlami. They secured a 3-1 victory against South Africa’s Musfiquh Kalam, Simeen Mookrey and Jesse Nombo; the one win for the South Africans being recorded by Jesse Nombo, in the third match of the engagement, she accounted for Maram Zoghlami (11-9, 7-11, 12-10, 9-11, 12-10).

Third place for Fadwa Garci in both the under 21 women’s and junior girls’ team events (Photo: Nana Adarkwa)


Not an ounce of charity spared by the Egyptians in the under 21 women’s team competition; in the junior girls’ team and cadet girls’ team finals, when in each event confronting Nigeria, life was no different. In the former Sarah Abousetta, Alaa Yehia and Sara Elhaken overcame the trio formed by Sukurat Aiyelbegan, Vivian Oku and Iyana Oluwa Falana; in the latter Farida Badawy, Hana Goda and Rouaa El-Naghi proved too strong for once again on duty Sukurat Aiyelbegan who partnered Sadiat Alimat Akeem.

First and second places for Egypt and Nigeria; in both competitions it was third position for Tunisia. In the junior girls’ team play-off contest Samar Hichri, Fadwa Garci and Maram Zoghlami recorded a 3-2 win in opposition to the Mauritius outfit formed by Nandeshwaree Jalim, Oumehani Hosenally and Sandhana Desscann.

Fourth place for Sandhana Descann in the junior girls’ team competition (Photo: Nana Adarkwa)


Meanwhile, in an equally tense engagement needing the full five matches, in the cadet girls’ team event with Maram Zoghlami again on duty, this time alongside Farah Mahjoub, Lily Dangsa and Gloria Dianda, a further hard earned win was secured. Eventually, they overcame Algeria’s Hadil Merrouche, Melissa Belache and Anande Kuse.

Play in the team events over, attention now turns to the team events, matters conclude in Accra on Saturday 13th April.

2019 African Youth, Junior and Cadet Championships: Newsletter No.5 (Wednesday 10th April)

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