15 Mar 2019

Gold medallists one year ago, for the host nation’s Giada Rossi at the 2019 Para Lignano Masters Open a repeat success is very much a possibility; for her colleague Michaela Brunelli, any such hopes ended on the opening day of play, Thursday 14th March.

It was for Giada Rossi it was a day without adversity, for Michaela Brunelli, two defeats were experienced.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Competing in women’s singles class 2, Giada Rossi, the top seed, accounted for Serbia’s Ana Prvulocic (12-10, 11-5, 11-4) and Argentina’s Maria Costanza Garrone (11-5, 11-6, 11-5) to secure first place in her group and thus a passport to the main draw.

“In the qualification group it took me a little time to get mentally into the tournament against Serbia’s Ana Prvulovic, then I started to make short serves; that was the key to the win. In the second match I had to face Argentina’s Maria Costanza Garrone. I was more satisfied of my game. I made good serves and returns and I managed to close the points in the way I wanted. Here in Lignano I am at home and feel well. I hope to win the third title in a row.” Giada Rossi

Conversely in women’s singles class 3, Michaela Brunelli, the no.3 seed, experienced defeats at the hands of Emmanuelle Ferrier (11-7, 11-9, 12-10) and Croatia’s Helena Dretar (6-11, 11-8, 11-7, 6-11, 11-8). Notably, Helena Dretar remained unbeaten to secure first place in the group ahead of Emmanuelle Ferrier; success for Croatia contrary to expectations, for colleague Andela Muzinic it was according to predictions. The top seed, she remained unbeaten to secure first place in her group.

Impressive from Giada Rossi and Andela Muzinic; it was very much the same in the remaining women’s singles events; the leading names asserting their authority.

On duty in group all-play-all competitions, in class 1, Poland’s Dorota Buclaw and Germany’s Jania Somer, the respective top two seeds, remained unbeaten as in class 5 did Israel’s Caroline Tabib and Serbia’s Biljana Ubovic. Somewhat differently in class 7, Anne Barneoud of France kept a perfect record but she was the only player to achieve the feat.

Title hopes very much alive for the favourites; in the women’s singles events it was the same in class 4, Serbia’s Borislava Peric-Rankovic remaining unbeaten, as it was in class 6 for Ukraine’s Maryna Lytovchenko.

“The tournament here in Lignano this year is very good. There are a lot of players because it’s the first event to qualify for the Paralympic Games of next year in Tokyo. It’s a good opportunity for me to play many challenging matches. It’s my first tournament in six months, after the World Championships I was not playing in the way I would like. Anyway I am here to win.” Borislava Peric-Rankovic

Likewise, in class 8, Thu Kamkasomphu of France ended the day without defeat, a situation that in class 9 applied to Poland’s Karoline Pek; not to be upstaged Sweden’s Anja Hayden maintained a perfect record in class 10. Also, it was the same in class 11 for Russia’s Elena Prokopva.

Play in the women’s singles events conclude on Friday 15th March.

Lignano Masters Open: Draw and Full Results

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