04 Mar 2019

Born in Nigeria but a member of the Congo Republic national team since making his debut at the Evergrande 2008 World Team Championships in Guangzhou, Abiodun Lawal has featured many times for the Central African nation.

Last year, after an absence of two years, he was on duty in Halmstad; this year, commencing on Sunday 21st April, the Liebherr 2019 World Championships beckons.

by Olalekan Okusan, ITTF-Africa Press Officer

Despite playing in the second division in the Spanish League, Abiodun Lawal is a player with a lion heart and he is heading to Budapest to rock the boat with the heavyweights.

Aware that he will begin his campaign in the preliminary stages, the 27 year old is warming up for the tournament in his Spanish base.

“I am preparing well for the tournament, I now train twice a day, morning and evening in readiness for the big task in Budapest. Even if the competition starts tomorrow, I am fully ready considering the matches I have also played in the league.” Abiodun Lawal

Similar to many other players, in fact to all who must qualify, the goal is to progress to the opening round and meet a big name.

“My first target in Budapest is to top my group and advance to the knock-out stage where anything can happen. I fear no foes as I am also ready to prove a point in the competition.” Abiodun Lawal

Reaching the opening round is a major target for Abiodun Lawal but there are other goals; in early August the Africa Cup will be staged in Lagos, at the end of the month and continuing into September, the African Games will take place in Morocco.

“My other aim is to try my best to use the tournament to prepare myself for the African competitions this year which starts with the African Cup and then the African Games in Morocco.” Abiodun Lawal

A festival of table tennis where the best players in the world assemble; that is the meaning of the Liebherr 2019 World Championships for Abiodun Lawal; most certainly in Budapest, win or lose, he will revel in the atmosphere.

2019 World Table Tennis Championships Abiodun Lawal

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