27 Feb 2019

Table Tennis meets cinema: the biggest ever ITTF production will take you on an unchartered journey inside the split-second decision-making of international sport stars.

“Know your opponent… Know what they want…”

Have you ever wondered what world champion, Ma Long, is thinking every time he sets foot on court before doing battle?

How is he plotting to overcome one adversary after the next? What are his tactics and technique for defeating all before him to take his legendary status in the game to the next level still?

Have you ever wanted or even tried to comprehend the split-second thought processes running through the brains of the world’s very best table tennis players?

For behind each action: each swing of the arm, each flick of the wrist, each shift of balance from one foot to another: there is a myriad of decisions made.

Decisions which separate the best from the rest.

Spell-binding imagery and audio of the highest production quality will leave you captivated, as the players take you away on an unchartered journey deep into their game plans, all while speaking in their native tongue (supported by English subtitles).

‘Inside My Mind’ gives you exclusive access quite literally into the minds of some of the world’s biggest table tennis stars:

Ding Ning (China): ‘The Queen of Hearts’ combines elegance and dynamism like no other. She is the Women’s World no. 1 and reigning World & Olympic Champion. Watch her signature serve as the key to her strategy of serial success.

Quadri Aruna (Nigeria): Thumping power strokes and terrific topspin are what he’s known for, but there’s a lot more than first meets the eye to the reigning African Champion.

Bernadette Szocs (Romania): Perfection personified, from her very appearance on court to the unmistakable precision of each and every movement that have taken her to European titles. For Bernadette, it’s the details that matter.

Ma Long (China): He’s not called ‘The Dictator’ by accident. Enter the unique mind of a natural-born winner: the reigning Men’s World & Olympic Champion, Ma Long.

Hugo Calderano (Brazil): Athleticism. Energy. Exuberance. That’s all clear, but what is the boy from Brazil actually thinking when he’s meaning business on court? The first ever player from Latin America to break into the top 10 in the world, Hugo gives you special insight into his shot selection. Speed of body. Speed of mind.

Manika Batra (India): The most mystical of all: let Manika cast you under her spell as the Commonwealth Games Champion reveals her masterplan.

Timo Boll (Germany): Seven times a European Champion. Yes, seven times! Not to mention two World Cups. But there’s so much to discover still about Timo Boll. Watch and learn from an undisputed legend of the game.

A must-watch for anyone interested in sport or anyone who appreciates the power of video and cinematic film, ‘Inside My Mind’ is the biggest ever ITTF production and it serves as the perfect way to prepare mentally for the greatest ever table tennis event: the Liebherr 2019 ITTF World Championships, to be held from 21-28 April in Budapest, Hungary.

Between now and the main event, stay tuned for seven episodes which are sure to catch the eye! Here’s a look behind the scenes:

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