04 Dec 2018

Scheduled to be held during the Liebherr 2019 World Championships, which commence in the Hungarian capital city of Budapest on Sunday 21st April, at a date during the week to be determined, the Annual General Meeting of the Swaything Club International will be staged.

Elections will be held for the Executive Committee and for the various Sub Committees.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Officially constituted on Thursday 20th April, at the 1967 World Championships in Stockholm, the words of Zarko Dolinar, elected Secretary at the inaugural gathering and later in 1972 the Acting Chair, still ring true today.

“I am sure that our Swaythling Club is a unique organization in the world of sport. I hope that it will continue to develop and promote which money cannot buy: friendship, health, love, faithfulness, loyalty and tolerance.” Zarko Dolinar

It is with those values that the World Veteran Championships has blossomed to become a unique event in the world of sport. It is also upholding those values that applications from Swaythling Club International members to serve on committees are most welcome, both to keep the ethos of the organization alive and to enable the ideals to be promoted in an ever more positive manner.

Committee structures may be amended, new ideas, construct comments are always welcome; it is the way progress is made.

The actual date of the Annual General Meeting will be published in the Spring 2019 issue of the Swaything Club magazine, the publication being available both on-line and in hard copy.

Closing date for nominations for election either to the Executive Committee or Sub Committees is Monday 31st December.

Kindly reply to:

Gloria Wagener, SCI Secretary

Address: Lochnerstrasse 14, DE-40878 Ratingen, Germany

E-Mail: [email protected]

2019 World Table Tennis Championships Swaythling Club Gloria Wagener

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