20 Nov 2018

Semi-finalist at the Central American and Caribbean Games staged earlier this year in late July and early August, Idays Lovet was one of the first players to arrive in the Chilean capital city of Santiago for the forthcoming 2018 ITTF Pan American Championships; proceedings commencing on Tuesday 20th November.

In the Women’s Team event, she lines up alongside Daniela Fonseca Carrazana, Lisi Castillo and Lizdainet Rodriquez.

by Ian Marshall, Editor (interviews by Mauricio Traviño)

The goal is to gain a top six finish in the Women’s Team event, Cuba commences play at the no.8 seeds but Idays Lovet is confident; she is very much of the view that her team is in good form.

“We have been preparing very thoroughly for this competition; it is very important to try to achieve our goal of classification for Lima in 2019. The hope and the goal is to classify now and not have to wait for the individual events.” Idalys Lovet

Furthermore, Idaly Lovet is comfortable with the new Olympic system that was used earlier this year at the 2018 ITTF Team World Cup in London; the doubles commences the fixture followed by four singles matches should the contest go the full distance. A team consists of three players; no player may compete in more than two matches.

“We are well prepared for the doubles. I think we are strong in that department; that is very important” Idays Lovet

Also, Idalys Lovet is confident that the Cuban men can do well in Santiago; they are represented by Andy Pereira, Jorge Campos and Livan Martinez; they commence matters as the no.7 seeds in the Men’s Team event.

The trio appears in the same group as Chile, Guatemala and Bolivia; in the counterpart Women’s Team competition Chile lines up alongside Brazil and Mexico; in each event there are four groups in the initial phase, teams finishing in first and second positions advance to the quarter-finals, the remaining outfits play for the lower positions.

Both the Men’s Team and Women’s Team events conclude on Thursday 22nd November.

2018 Pan American Championships Idalys Lovet

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