30 Oct 2018

Impressive performances, contrary to expectations the host nation’s Honami Nakamori and Egypt’s Hana Goda emerged the surprise names to secure first positions in their respective groups in the initial stage of the Girls’ Singles event at the 2018 ITTF World Cadet Challenge in Tottori, Japan on Monday 29th October.

Likewise contrary to expectations, Sweden’s Rebecca Muskantor raised the eyebrows, she responded to the occasion to secure top spot.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Both Honami Nakamori and Hana Goda started proceedings as the lowest rated players in their respective groups; Honami Nakamori finished in first place ahead of Lithuania’s Kornelija Riliskyte, the highest listed.

Meanwhile for Hana Goda, it was second position. She ended the day next in line to Kaho Akae, like Honami Nakamori from Japan. She started matters as the second highest rated in the group and climbed one step; for Brazil’s Giulia Takahashi it was two steps lower. The highest rated name, she finished in third place.

Meanwhile, Rebecca Muskantor changed places; she topped her group ahead of the host nation’s Hikaro Okubo, the leading name.

Surprise outcomes; in the remaining groups, the top two names all emerged successful.

Romania’s Elena Zaharia, the top seed, concluded her group in first place as did China’s Kuai Man. Focused Russia’s Elizabet Abraamian and Singapore’s Zhiu Jingyi, alongside Korea Republic’s Byun Seoyoung, followed suit. Respective second positions were claimed by Thailand’s Wanwisa Aueawiriyayothin, Egypt’s Hend Fathy and Japan’s Yukari Suigasawa, in addition to Mexico’s Arantxa Cossio Aceves and Rachel Sung of the United States.

Success for the leading names; it was the same as the Cadet Girls’ Doubles started.

Byun Seoyoung and Kuai Man, the top seeds, accounted for the Oceania partnership formed by Fiji’s Filomena Duncan and New Caledonia’s Lorie La (11-1, 11-1, 11-3); similarly, Kornelija Riliskyte and Elena Zaharia ended the hopes of the African combination formed by Oumeeha Hosenally of Mauritius and Tunisia’s Maram Zoghlami (11-3, 11-7, 12-10).

Proceedings conclude in Tottori on Wednesday 31st October.

2018 ITTF World Cadet Challenge Hana Goda Rebecca Muskantor Honami Nakamori

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