27 Sep 2018

Staged from Sunday 2nd to Sunday 9th December the list of umpires in announced for the forthcoming 2018 ITTF World Junior Championships.

A total of 21 names, the destination is the Australian city of Bendigo, located some 90 miles north of Melbourne.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Asia and Europe provide the highest number of officials, nine from the former and five from the latter. However, all continents are represented.

Notably, three umpires travel from Latin America, all from Central America; Esteban Maroto journeys from Costa Rica, David Villalta from El Salvador and Boggdan Barrientes from Guatemala.

Somewhat similarly, there are two representatives from Africa, namely Ghana’s Francis Frimpong and Kenya’s Michael Kuria Wambui; from North America and from Asia it was one representative each. James Barry Hall from the United States will be present, so will New Zealand’s Malcolm Wong.

Meanwhile from Asia, China’s Ben Cao will be on duty as will Hong Kong’s Lee Pak Hong alongside India’s Satheese Attoor and Rahul Prakash Jaiswal. Similarly, Jordan’s Ahmad Almasri, the Korea Republic duo of Bong Mijung and Park Insook will be attending in addition to Palestine’s Hamed Ayayda and Singapore’s Shaun Koh.

Noteworthy representation from Asia, it is the same from Europe; the Czech Republic’s Klara Vaculovicova and Jan Vrabec will be officiating. They make the journey from the old continent as do Russia’s Tatiana Kamenskaia and Evgenii Klykovskii in addition to Scotland’s Jonathan Whittaker,

Furthermore, it will be a busy time; the first four days focus on the Boys’ Team and Women’s Team events of which there are 16 outfits in each discipline. On the fourth day of action, the Mixed Doubles signals the start of the individual events in which further names are added to the list to make a total of 80 boys and 80 girls.

Bendigo awaits as does a potentially enthralling tournament.

2018 ITTF World Junior Championships: Official List of Umpires (issued Thursday 27th September)

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