08 Sep 2018

They came in their hundreds, pupils from Loneto School, Vacoas; they came on Friday 7th September to the Beau Bassin Sports Complex to rally support to their Mauritian compatriots as well as watch the best from the continent at the 2018 ITTF-African Championships.

Cheering noisily from the stands, they ignited the venue; they were all in joyful mood wanting to be part of history.

by Olalekan Okusan, ITTF-Africa Press Officer

Accompanied by their teachers, the pupils, both boys and girls, occupied one section of the hall, smartly dressed in their white and blue uniforms; they applauded every point won by the players. In particular their excitement grew when the centre court camera focused on them.

Jayson Gujadhur, nine years old, was particularly enamoured with the occasion.

“This is my first time watching a table tennis competition; when we were told earlier in the week that we will be coming to watch and cheer the players at the tournament, we were all looking forward to the event and today we are here. I am enjoying every minute we going spending in the hall.” Jayson Gujadhur

The grade four pupil was quite overawed by the occasion, amazed at the quality of the play.

“I think table tennis is just like a mini tennis because everything looks the same, for me I love tennis; I think I am falling in love the table tennis as well. I am so excited seeing players from other countries coming to Mauritius,” Jayson Gujadhur.

Unlike Jayson Gujadhur whose interest in table tennis was sparked by the visit to the venue, Matthew Ng Tseung, also nine years old, is a table tennis player. He was captivated by Ryan Sahajasein, a former pupil of the school who was competing in the Men’s Doubles event.

“I knew Ryan attended our school, seeing him play in big competition like this has made me so excited that I am also nursing the ambition of representing my country in big event like this. Despite his short stature, Ryan is really giving his opponent a good fight. I think I will also work hard to be at the same stage one day like him.” Matthew Ng Tseung

Overall, the pupils spent 60 minutes in the hall; they expressed their feelings and they were so disappointed when they were told that it was time to return to school. It was all written on their faces that they were not ready to leave but of course, like all good students, they obeyed their teachers.

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