07 Sep 2018

Winner one year ago in the English city of Worcester, Cristian Pletea defends his crown at the forthcoming 2018 Europe Youth Top 10 tournament; play starts in Vila Real, Portugal on Friday 7th September.

Moreover, not only does the 18 year old defend his Junior Boys’ Singles title, he seeks a fourth success in the competition; in 2014 in Tours and the following year on home soil in Buzau, he was anointed Cadet Boys’ Singles champion.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

In Vila Real, he is the no.2 seed, the top seed being colleague, Rares Sipos who finished in ninth place last year; next in line is Frenchman, Irvin Bertrand with Italy’s Matteo Mutti completing the top four names.

Notably, similar to Rares Sipos and Cristian Pletea both Irvin Bertrand and Matteo Mutti were on duty one year ago; Irvin Bertrand concluded proceedings in fourth position, for Matteo Mutti is was the eight spot in the competition

Undoubtedly Rares Sipos is a major challenger to the aspirations of Cristian Pletea but is Irvin Bertrand an even bigger threat? In 2015 when Cristian Pletea won the Cadet Boys’ Singles title, he remained unbeaten until the very last round. He lost to Irvin Bertrand.

Likewise, in the Junior Girls’ Singles and Cadet Girls’ Singles events there is a strong Romanian presence; notably players who all competed in the same disciplines last year. In the former, Andreea Dragoman is the no.4 seed, one place ahead of colleague Tania Plaian. Last year Andreea Dragoman and Tania Plaian finished in respective eighth and ninth places. Top seed is Serbia’s Sabina Surjan followed by Poland’s Anna Wegrzyn and Germany’s Franziska Schreiner.

Meanwhile, in the Cadet Girls’ Singles competition, Elena Zaharia who finished in seventh position in Worcester, is the top seed; somewhat the reverse, Germany’s Sophia Klee, last year’s winner is the no.7 seed. Russia’s Elizabet Abraamian, Lithuania’s Kornelija Riliskyte and Serbia’s Radmila Tominjak complete the top four names.

Familiar names from one year ago; in the Cadet Boys’ Singles competition, the names are all new. Poland’s Maciej Kubik heads the list with Frenchman Myshaal Sabhi, Germany’s Mike Hollo and Belgium’s Adrien Rassenfosse being next in the order of merit.

All matches are best of seven games, in each event three rounds will be played on each of the three days; play concludes on Sunday 9th September.

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