28 Aug 2018

A bronze medal in the Girls’ Singles event at the African Youth Games staged earlier this year in July in Algiers was the outcome for Nandeshwaree Jalim; now another challenge await for the teenager from Mauritius.

She will be competing in the forthcoming 2018 ITTF African Championships which start in Port Louis on Monday 3rd September.

by Olalekan Okusan, ITTF-Africa Press Officer

Success in Algiers and more recently in early August she performed most creditably at the 2018 ITTF Challenge Seamaster Nigeria Open. She finished in first place in her group, before experiencing a rather difficult first round draw; she was beaten by Hungary’s Szandra Pergel, the no.2 seed.

“The preparation for the tournament is still going on and having made my debut at the ITTF Challenge Seamaster Nigeria Open in Lagos, it has exposed me to international play. It was my first ever ITTF Challenge Series tournament. I have learned and gained experience which will help me in my table tennis life. I was really impressed with the organization of the Lagos tournament; the standard was high with the noisy and enthusiastic supporters. Seeing the table tennis fans, they supported the Nigerian players; they were always willing to cheer. I must commend the organisers for a job well done.” Nandeshwaree Jalim

Competing in Lagos was a valuable experience; now another awaits on home soil.

“I think as a team we can do well in the competition because since returning from Nigeria, we have been training hard. I am sure we will all give our best in front of our fans. My personal objective is to aim for a medal and improve my personal world ranking. Definitely, we are counting on our fans to support us.” Nandeshwaree Jalim

Undoubtedly the 2018 ITTF African Championships is an opportunity to learn and watch the best of the continent in action; there are two players more than any on whom she will be focused.

“The African players who I admire the most are Quadri Aruna and Dina Meshref,” Nandeshwaree Jalim

Certainly Quadri Aruna and Dina Meshref are names to note; they are the clear favourites for the respective Men’s Singles and Women’s Singles titles.

2018 African Championships Nandeshwaree Jalim

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