11 Apr 2018

First place in the group; that was the lot of Canada’s Marko Medjugorac, the highest ranked player on qualification stage duty in the Men’s Singles event at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, when play concluded on the evening of Tuesday 10th April.

Likewise, in the Women’s Singles qualification event, Vanuatu’s Priscilla Tommy, the leading name, topped her group.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Manager

However, there were surprise names in the Men’s Singles event, a competition where only players finishing in first places in each of the 20 groups advanced to the main draw to join the 16 seeds in a first round draw of 64 players; a round which witnesses four matches.

Trinidad and Tobago’s Aaron Wilson, Tanzania’s Amoni Tumaini, Northern Ireland’s Owen Cathcart and Ghana’s Bernard Sam, alongside Akhilen Yogarajh and Brian Chan Yook Fo both from Mauritius were the surprise names to secure first places.

Notably, in the Women’s Singles qualification event, the players to secure first places in their respective groups contrary to predictions were Elodie Ho wan Kau, like Akhilen Yogarajh and Brian Chan Yook Fo from Mauritius, in addition to England’s Denise Payet and Malaysia’s Karen Lyne.

Similar to the Men’s Singles event, players finishing in first places in each of the 11 groups advance to the main draw where they join the 16 seeds who received direct entry in first round draw to accommodate 32 players. In the opening round there will be 11 matches.

The first stage of the Men’s Singles and Women’s Singles event completed, on the morning of Wednesday 11th April, attention turned to play in the Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles event.

All three events are organised on the knock-out formula, there is no qualification competition. The Men’s Doubles comprises 33 pairs; thus one first round match is needed to gain a place in the second round of 32 pairs. A total of 16 pairs occupy seeded positions.

Somewhat differently in the Women’s Doubles competition there are eight seeded pairs, a total of 20 pairs. There will be four first round matches for a place in the second draw of 16 players

Meanwhile, in the Mixed Doubles event, there are 47 pairs in action, 16 seeds with a first round for 64 players witnessing 15 matches.

In the two Para events, Men’s Singles Class 6-10 and Women’s Singles Class 6-10; there are two groups in the first stage, four players in each group; players finishing n first and second places in each group advance to the semi-finals.

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