07 Feb 2018

Sejal Thakkar might not be among the superstars in world table tennis but at home in Kenya, she is respected for her commitment to the sport; her never-say-die attitude on the table stands her out from the crowd.

Apart from being the number one female player in Kenya, she is a mother and wife; her passion for table tennis has kept her on the top of the game amidst an array of emerging young stars from the Eastern African nation.

by Olalekan Okusan, ITTF Africa, Press Officer

There was no eyebrow raised when she was selected as Kenya’s female representative for the 2018 ITTF Africa Top 16 Cup to be staged from Thursday 1st to Saturday 3rd March in Nairobi; a qualification tournament for the forthcoming Women’s World Cup.

Thanks to family support, after a 13 year break, the 42 year old returns to the sport and is totally committed.

She explained.

“The love and passion for the game keeps me going. I am hyper active generally and fitness to me is a lifestyle. I am also indebted to my parents, siblings, my husband and my two kids who have supported and motivated me in my career. Without them, this would not have been possible.

Nothing is easy in life. I struggled to get back into the game after a long break of 13 years or so but my motto has always been, never give up, so here I am again fulfilling my dreams.

I was ecstatic when they announced my name; it is indeed a highly prestigious and privileged moment for me to represent my country.

Every major international sporting event is very beneficial to the host in that we get a chance to witness world class players performing. It is said that learning never stops. Not only will I participate, I will also learn a great deal too. I am certainly excited to welcome all the top players of Africa and I hope to learn a lot more from these players. Some of them are good friends already. Win or lose, the participation, sportsman spirit and bonding is always something to treasure.

The top 16 best players of Africa obviously are very experienced players and it will be a tough competition but we will give it our best and see what happens.

Sometimes performance also depends on the draw, so we only hope that it is a favourable.”

2018 ITTF Africa Top 16 Sejal Thakkar

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