24 Jul 2017

Eyes focused on gold, it was a successful third day of action, Sunday 23rd July, at the 2017 Korea Para Open Championships in Mungyeong for the favourites; the top seeds all remained unbeaten as in competitions, where there were two groups in the initial stage, so did the second seeds.

Furthermore, there was notable success for the host nation.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

In the Women’s Singles events, the combination of Yoon Jiyu, Seo Suyeon and Lee Migyu, bronze medallists at the in Class 1-3 at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, duly remained unbeaten, as did the pairing of Kang Oejeong and Kim Meerang in Class 4-5.

Success for Korea in the wheelchair categories; it was the same in the standing events. Kim Kunhea, Lim Seongok and Jung Jinmi combined to secured first place in their initial phase Class 6-10 group, as in the counterpart group so did Germany’s Juliane Wolf and Lena Kramm, the second seeds.

An unbeaten day for the German duo, it was the same in Class 11 for the Russian trio of Elena Prokofeva, Anzhelika Kosacheva and Maria Galkina; two fixtures completed, two wins recorded.

A fruitful day for the Korean women, it was the same for their male top seeded counterparts.

Park Jincheol, Lee Jungi and Jung Jiwon remained unbeaten in Class 1-2, as did Kim Jinsung, Baek Youngbok and Lin Hangsueng in Class 3.  In a similar vein, it was a day without blemish for Kim Kwangjin, Shin Myungkook and Park Jongreyek in Class 8, as it was in Class 11 for Kim Gitae, Son Byeongjun and Kim Changgi, an event that witnessed two groups in the initial phase.

Notably, in the corresponding group, the combination of Australia’s Samuel Von Einem and Russia’s Kemal Gayfullin, the second seeds, duly secured pole position.

Unbeaten displays from the host nation, it was the same in Class 4-5, an event that saw Kim Youngun, Kim Junggil and Lim Kyunyoung, the second seeds, secure first place in their group.

Impressive from the second seeds, it was the same for the top seeds; Germany’s Thomas Schmidberger, Jan Guertler and Valentin Baus duly secured first place in their group, a feat that was also accomplished by colleagues, Jochen Wollmert and Thomas Rau.
Competing in Class 6-7, the second seeds, they topped their group thus emulating the example of Thailand’s Rungroj Thainiyom and Chalermpong Punpoo, the top seeds.

Success for Thailand, there was further success in Class 9-10, where Bunpot Sillapakong partnered Tonnie Heijnen of the Netherlands. The top seeds, they concluded matter in first place in their group, a finish also achieved in the corresponding group by the second seeded Hong Kong partnership comprising Wong Chi Yan and Lam Ka Wai.

Play in the 2017 Korea Para Open concludes on Monday 24th July.

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