07 Jul 2017

Jang Woojin makes a bold prediction as the Men's and Women's Doubles titles were decided tonight on the Gold Cost.

by Wade Townsend

China’s Chen Meng and Zhu Yuling took the Womens Doubles title at the Seamaster 2017 Australian Open, winning in straight games against teammates Wang Manyu and Chen Xington.

Wang Manyu was unable to carry over yesterday’s dominance over Zhu Yuling in to today’s doubles match. The number one seeds dominated proceedings from beginning to end.

Chen and Wang were left looking for answers, but with no coaches in the corner where could they turn? The answer; the players were using video analysis in real time. In fact both pairs used the big screen replays as their guide, consulting the video in between games and points.

“I am very happy to win. It was also great to play in Australia in front of so many Chinese fans that came here to support tonight.” Chen Meng

Experienced prevailed on the Gold Coast, but it’s not a surprise. The Australian Open was in fact the first time Wang Manyu and Chen Kington have partnered up. With a little more practice there may just be titles in the pair’s future.

Chen Xington thinks the improvement will have to largely come from her. After the match Chen admitted she was less experienced on the court and has some work to do before she catches up to the others.

“Chen Meng and Zhu Yuling are both much more powerful than me. I need to go to the gym and do more squats.” Chen Xington

Fans of Team China were out in force tonight on the Gold Coast. (APAC Sport Media)


In the Men’s Doubles final Korea Republic’s Jang Woojin and Park Ganghyeon defeated Chinese Taipei’s Chen Chien-An and Chiang Hung-Chieh 3-1.

Jang and Park are a recent pairing, so were putting in the hard yards this week as they chased the title.

“We have been practicing all week in the centre here on the Gold Coast.” Jang Woojin

Some athletes are hesitant to make bold predictions. But not Woojin, who was showing some bravado after taking the title.

“We will try our best to have a good result. I think we will play well and win it, we are confident of that.” Jang Woojin

Prediction noted. Check back in when the World Tour Finals come around.

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