07 Jul 2017

Chen Meng asserts her dominance, keeping Wang Manyu at bay on the Gold Coast.

by Wade Townsend

Chen Meng (CHN) has claimed the Women’s Singles title at the Seamaster 2017 Australian Open after defeating Wang Manyu (CHN) 4-2 in a tightly fought contest.

Wang took the opening game 11-3 and then led 10-8 in the second. But Chen manage to win four consecutive points. It was the start of a trend.

The audience suffered deja vu as the no.3 seed then dropped the third game 11-3 and once again Wang led in the following game but couldn’t close it out; 12-10 again for Chen Meng.

The more experienced player snuck had snuck two games past here opponent. Had any of them gone the other way you could be ready a very different story.

From then on it was one way traffic. Chen led in the fifth game 8-0, taking it 11-2.

The key seemed to be Chen Meng’s demeanour on the table. With her serve she ensured the match was played to her rhythm. With precise and deliberate preparation, she owned the court.

Wang called a timeout in the sixth down 3-1, but to no avail. The lead was maintained and Chen closed out the match 11-7.

With wave to the crowd and the hint of smile, the title was hers.

“Im very happy to get this win, I think it also important that both of us were able to present a spectacular game. Also, I think winning here could be turning point for me for my other matches.” Chen Meng

Chen’s confidence is rising. A far off look in her eyes suggests her mind is on even more titles. The old guard of the Chinese team beware. This could be the start of something new.

Wang Manyu will be left thinking what could have been. (APAC Sport Media)
World Tour 2017 Seamaster Australian Open Chen Meng Wang Manyu

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