06 Jul 2017

Wang Manyu surprises the world as she defeats Zhu Yuling, and keeps a clean sheet in the process.

by Wade Townsend

Wang Manyu (CHN) has shook the world order as she defeated Zhu Yuling (CHN) 4-0 in the Women’s Singles at the Seamaster 2017 Australian Open tonight on the Gold Coast.

Nobody could have seen such a convincing win coming; at least not from Wang’s side. Zhu wasn’t in her best form, a fact that Wang was quick to admit. But even still, beating the world no.2 so convincingly is no mean feat.

We’ve only just become accustomed to seeing Zhu Yuling’s face a mainstay of the World Tour. Has the next generation already arrived? Wang said this tournament was all about gaining experience. What better experience than competing in the final.

In the opposite half the draw the players kept to the script. Chen Meng (CHN) put up a straight games win against Gu Yuting (CHN).

It was a masterclass performance from a player who is on the tail end of marathon two months of table tennis.

Chen Meng is the only athlete from the Chinese national team to have competed in all events from the World Championships onwards. How is she holding up after such a heavy schedule?

“It would be a lie to say I’m not tired. I’m exhausted. But when you walk on your court it is an athlete’s responsibility to do their best.” Chen Meng

Chen is close to having a well deserved break. Perhaps Australia could be her next holiday destination? What does she think about playing on the Gold Coast so far?

“If I win tomorrow this will be a lucky place for me!” Chen Meng

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