30 Jun 2017

The DHS ITTF Top 10 video for the Seamaster 2017 ITTF World Tour LION Japan Open is now available to watch on the official ITTF YouTube channel.

by Simon Daish

Spectators at the event held in Tokyo were treated to a number of world class points, and in partnership with DHS the ITTF has narrowed down the amazing list of standout moments to our top 10 points of the tournament.

Game point down in the third game of his Round of 16 encounter against Wong Chun Ting, Liang Jingkun demonstrated excellent control by retrieving an edge ball before both players fought out a spectacular attacking rally. Believe it or not this only makes it to no.10 on the list, showing just how great the action was in Tokyo.

Sun Yingsha was the standout competitor in the Women’s Singles draw in Tokyo and the Chinese teenage star played out a fantastic rally in the fourth game of the final, leaving opponent Chen Meng helpless against her amazing display of attack and counter-attack.

Everyone is well aware of Ma Long’s attacking talents, but the World no.1 also had the opportunity to show off some of his defensive skills and amazing footwork at zero points apiece in game three of the Men’s Singles semi-finals, but Xu Xin finished the point off with a breathtaking forehand down the line prompting commentator Adam Bobrow to scream “Wow! Absolute insanity!!!”

Every once in a while table tennis produces moments of magic, and Xu Xin pulled off one of the shots of the tournament in his opening match against Mattias Karlsson by retrieving a backhand smash from the Swedish athlete with a behind the back hit to keep himself in the rally before eventually going on to claim the point.

Watch the DHS ITTF Top 10 – 2017 Japan Open video to see all the spectacular points from the tournament.

World Tour 2017 Seamaster Japan Open ma long xu xin Chen Meng Sun Yingsha Liang Jingkun Wong Chun Ting Mattias Karlsson

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