09 Jun 2017

Pursuing the ideals on which it was formed, Ping Sans Frontières (PSF) donated equipment to several countries on the occasion of the Liebherr 2017 World Championships in Düsseldorf; thus very much supporting the slogan of the tournament “one world, one game”.

The presentations were made by the organisation’s founder and President, Sarah Hanffou and were made possible thanks to the support of French partner clubs and Decathlon.

by Olalekan Okusan, ITTF Africa Press Officer

The presentations were made at the NH City Hotel in Düsseldorf on Thursday 1st June; the countries to receive donations were Burundi, Cameroon, Cuba, Djibouti, Gabon, Haiti, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Uganda, Dominican Republic, Salvador and Nigeria as well as Olufunke Oshonaike Foundation, an organisation established to promote table tennis in Africa.

El Salvador was a welcome beneficiary (Photo: courtesy of Olalekan Okusan)


Representatives from many countries were present, all were grateful for the efforts that are being made by Ping Sans Frontières to promote table tennis, especially to enhance the cause of female participation.

“As a PSF partner I want to thank them for their commitment to our project called “Let Girls Play” which aims is to develop table tennis for girls in underprivileged area. In the next few years we wish to target 5,000 girls. Besides, from what I have experienced so far, I believe that PSF can learn from us and that we can learn from PSF in order to make it a win, win situation,” Andrew Mudibo, President Kenya Table Tennis Association

Andrew Mudibo, President of the Kenya Table Tennis Association (left), receiving a donation from Ronald Mugwanya (right), resident in France but originally from Uganda and currently assisting Ping Sans Frontières (Photo: courtesy of Olalekan Okusan)


Additionally there was universal agreement that table tennis is a valuable tool for both understanding and education; especially in rural areas.

“PSF is very pleased to have gathered its partners at a single event in allowing the body to exchange ideas between several countries and thus to strengthen regional links between federations. PSF hopes that this type of exchange can be the source of local initiatives between bordering or geographically close countries. To make it sustainable, transparency is the corner stone; also reports need to be sent on a regular basis. Indeed, the aim of PSF is to support long term projects with meticulous follow up.” Sarah Hanffou

All smiles from Uganda (Photo: courtesy of Olalekan Okusan)


A most thorough plan of action has been organised

Also, boxes of balls provided by Butterfly were distributed to the national associations present; the Ivory Coast and Burundi in particular were grateful recipients having been major promoters of World Table Tennis Day.

The Ivory Coast was a welcome recipient (Photo: courtesy of Olalekan Okusan)


Furthermore, 20 kilograms of equipment was given to Cape Verde as a welcome present, the gift was received by Jorge Silva, President of the Cape Verde Table Tennis Association.

Notably Sarah Hanffou thanked ITTF Development, Education and Training for its support in helping to promote PST initiatives across the globe.

Jorge Silva (left) with Sarah Hanffou (right), grateful for the support (Photo: courtesy of Olalekan Okusan)


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