01 Jun 2017

Thomas Weikert elected President of the International Table Tennis Federation; the Executive Committee announced, the next step at the Annual General Meeting in Düsseldorf on Wednesday 31st May was to name the members of the Board of Directors.

Likewise, the members serve for a four year term of office; the number of continental representatives being proportional to the number of member association, the total not being in excess of 32 in number.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Several members have been re-elected but there are two most notable newcomers, and Olympic Games gold medallist and World champion.

Korea’s Ryu Seungmin and Sweden’s Jörgen Persson are both named.

The elected members are:

Africa: Andrew Mudibo (Kenya), Monqid  El Hajji (Morocco), Ha Shun Hao Thyn Voon (Maurititius),  Olabanj Oladapo, Yusuf Carrin (South Africa), Balla Lo (Senegal), Abdelrahman El Sallawi (Sudan), Thomas Kiggundu (Uganda)

Asia: Tony Yue (Hong Kong), Dhanraj Choudhary (India), Ryu Seungmin (Korea),  Mohammad Sibtain (Pakistan), Abdulla Al-Mulla (Qatar), Thana Chaiprasit (Thailand)

Europe: Ivo-Goran Munivrana (Croatia), Dorte Darfelt (Denmark), Sandra Deaton (England), Sonja Grefberg (Finland), Heike Ahlert (Germany), Christinel Romanescu (Romania), Zdenko Kriz (Slovakia), Jörgen Persson (Sweden)

North America: Gordon Kaye (United States)

Latin America: Marguerita Felix (Barbados), Alaor Azevedo (Brazil), Henry Reimberg (Chile), Alexander Zamora (Costa Rica), Jorge Herrera (Guatemala), Teddy Matthews (St Lucia)

Oceania: Graeme Ireland (Australia), Anthony Ho (Fiji), Paul Kyle (New Zealand)

Liebherr 2017 World Championships ITTF Board of Directors

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