25 May 2017

Partners since 2006; China Unicom has renewed its long-term agreement with the International Table Tennis Federation.

The company has extended the agreement for a further four years.


Notably, the first event of the new accord is the Liebherr 2017 World Championships which starts in Düsseldorf on Monday 29th May.

 “China Unicom is proud to have been a partner of the ITTF World Table Tennis Championships since 2006. We have always been very happy with the international exposure we gain from our sponsorship of this massive event and we are pleased that we were able to continue our fruitful sponsorship for the next four years and be involved in the current table tennis boom.”  China Unicom

“China Unicom has been a very loyal partner for the ITTF for many years, so we are pleased that they will continue, especially as they are increasing their support of the event. We look forward to continuing to work with China Unicom to activate their brand more and more through our World Championships.” Thomas Weikert, ITTF President

China Unicom’s brand will be in full view for all eight days of the Championships.


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