17 Mar 2017

A positive approach; adopt such a policy and the chances of success become greater. At the forthcoming Liebherr 2017 World Championships, which commence in the German city of Düsseldorf on Monday 29th May; that approach has been adopted by the table supplier, Double Happiness.

Black is bold; it is the very clear message for a new look on what has become the company’s hallmark.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Double Happiness was very much the instigator of the Rainbow table, the playing surface being supported by an arch. A piece of furniture as opposed to an item of equipment was produced; gone was supporting framework that resembled the Forth Railway Bridge.

In recent times, following the same basic principle; the design, with intelligent use of colours has been enhanced year by year, major global tournament by major global tournament.

“The show court table for 2017 World Table Tennis Championships is based on the design of the 2015 event Rainbow table. Its overview becomes much more stereoscopic and layered with the fusion of the German Flag element and the event logo, illuminated by the LED light system. In this case, the whole table takes on a good combination of its visual identity and color blending if it is shot at a lower angle and closer distance to bring about a fresh experience for spectators. Undoubtedly, the development and application of the table cannot be successful without great support of ITTF and the Organizing Committee. ITTF always attach great importance to and give big support to its research and production.” Lou Shihe, Double Happiness General Manager

The latest model, thanks to illumination, witnesses an undercarriage that is bright and sunny; happy colours that contrast with the dark nature of the playing surface.

Strikingly, the first ever table tennis table with a black top to be used at a modern day major international tournament will be centrepiece in the Messeplatz.

“DHS has been an important partner for the ITTF for many years. In 2005, they introduced the “Rainbow Table” which was a revolution in show court tables. This year they keep their icon but with a bold new table top color, black and combine it with the German national colors. A sleek look which shows how strong design mixed with amazing colours can help showcase the sport of table tennis at the highest level. I guess we can also see with this table that the relations between China and Germany are also strong, the World Champions in the two most Global sports in the world – table tennis and football”, Steve Dainton, ITTF Marketing and Commercial Director

State-of-the-art, the table not only reflects the progress that has been made in design and presentation in recent years; it also echoes the fact that table tennis is an athletic and aesthetic spectacle to behold, a sport of the current century, not lost in time. In modern day parlance both table tennis and the table are “cool”.

Equally, present a dramatic setting and does that not have a direct effect on the players?

Set the stage and the actors respond, in Düsseldorf, the actors are athletes, the scene is set.

Black is bold, a new dimension in table design

Liebherr 2017 World Championships DHS

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