11 Jan 2017

Since July 2016, Heming Hu has been living in Bremen, fighting it out in the European leagues. Heming will be Oceania’s sole representation at the Hungarian Open, the first stop on the World Tour 2017. We had a quick chat with Heming to see what it's been like living and training in Germany.

by Wade Townsend

When you’re playing for a club, your team mates become like family. What type of relationship do you have with your team mates?  

Yes thats right, I play for SV Union Velbert  and have extremely nice team mates and all of which, including the manager, are like brothers. The team spirit is fantastic and everybody fights their heart out for the team and encourages one another, regardless of win or lose. I really enjoy playing for this team more than any other team I have played for in the past

What do you have lined up on Netflix to watch between training sessions?    

Breaking bad, Game of Thrones, Billions, Narcos, The Flash and Arrow are all on my netflix list.

Do any of your training partners remind you of characters from Arrow?

Yes, Xu Hui reminds me of Oliver Queen, always so serious and so skillful but comes across as scary and intimidating at times and is a good person at heart.

Who’s the cook in the team? Are you a Masterchef or is it takeaway 24/7?

I am a bit of a masterchef myself, sometimes takeaway is the option but in Bremen mostly I am cooking

Australia celebrates Christmas in scorching summer heat. Did Germany give you a white Christmas?      

Actually, I had a cold christmas but not a white one unfortunately. Fortunately, I spent it with my mum who came over to Bremen to come and visit me for about three weeks over Christmas and New Year.

What have you missed most about Australia and what will you miss about Germany when you go back home?  

Family, friends,my home, my regular lifestyle back in Australia, and just Australia as a country. Also summer! I will miss Germany in terms of the regular competitive competition in the pro tours and league matches, and regular practice with high level players.

What are your expectations going in to the Hungarian Open?

Goals for this event is to make it through the group stage in the mens singles.

And finally, you’re becoming known for your impressions, are you working on any new material? 

I will always be workjng on my impressions, it is my real profession. I love this too much. I would say now that I can impersonate all of my training partners in Bremen.

Checkout Heming “Mr Impersonator” Hu at the Hungarian Open on itTV when the World Tour gets underway January 19. 



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