08 Dec 2016

Table tennis is set to move into the virtual reality broadcasting world with a test broadcast being organized for the Seamaster Qatar 2016 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals, proceedings commenced in on Doha on Thursday 8th December and will conclude on Sunday 11th December.

The International Table Tennis Federation formed a partnership with SECA, the company that will own the Chinese digital rights of the ITTF from 2017.

by ITTF Media

It will enable the ITTF to move into virtual reality and become a world leader in the new age of broadcast.

“The ITTF is very excited about this momentous step forward in the way we will broadcast events. We are sure, that virtual reality will be a big hit amongst table tennis and sport fans and will improve the popularity of table tennis broadcast significantly. Table tennis was the first ever video game, with Pong being released in 1972, so we are very excited to again be a leader in digital innovation. Due to China being such a strong market for table tennis, we are confident that SECA, who is based in China are the best partners to move into this new frontier”, Thomas Weikert, ITTF President

Virtual reality broadcast will eventually allow fans to watch the table tennis match from any position inside the venue. It means, a fan could watch the match from the umpires, or coaches’ perspective, or sit up in the VIP seats to gain a prime view of the world’s best table tennis player battling for gold.

“SECA is delighted to bolster our partnership with ITTF in pushing the sport of table tennis to new frontiers. As the leadings sports marketing company in China, SECA is always looking to service sports fans both in China and Worldwide through the newest technologies. Together with ITTF, we firmly believe virtual reality and augmented reality is the technology of the future, and that table tennis is the perfect sport to start this revolution.” Li Sheng SECA Chief Executive Officer and founder

Once the test has been successfully conduced at the Seamaster Qatar 2016 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals; the ITTF and SECA plans to transmit virtual reality broadcasts at key ITTF events in 2017, to bring table tennis into the virtual realm.

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