22 Nov 2016

A spectacle of natural beauty owing to its geographical location, the South African city of Cape Town is the home for the forthcoming Sun International 2016 World Junior Championship; play commences on Wednesday 30th November and concludes on Wednesday 7th December.

Also, the premises where the tournament will take place, presents a setting that produces a unique atmosphere.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Venue for the tournament is the Grand West Casino and Entertainment World.

Furthermore, Joe Carrim, the Tournament Director, is ready.

“All venue related equipment is in place and we await delivery of the floor tables and balls”, said Joe Carrim when speaking to Olalekan Okusan, the Press Officer for the ITTF-Africa Table Tennis Federation.

“A promotional programme has taken off with weekly radio interviews by players and local organisers in the city of Cape Town”, added Joe Carrim.

“The Grand West Casino and Entertainment World is the largest entertainment destination of its kind in South Africa. It has the only casino in Cape Town, it is a wonderland of around-the-clock entertainment, with all the thrills and excitement of a Las Vegas-scale casino. It is a family-friendly destination that offers the biggest selection of kids’ entertainment and fun activities in Cape Town, from ice-skating to ten-pin bowling all under one roof.”

Ready and the Tournament Director is most confident that everyone, who is present at the tournament of whatever age, will be more than delighted.

“The Grand West Casino and entertainment provides a host of entertainment programmes and frequented by young and old”, he stressed. “We expect the profile of our sport and our organisation to lift in the eyes of the public and government alike so that we work towards the establishment of a national semi-professional circuit sponsored by the private sector.”

A memorable experience awaits; Cape Town is ready and waiting.

World Junior Championships Olalekan Okusan Joe Carrim

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