21 Mar 2017

The record making first game between Tokic and Dima had more deuce than a bag of oranges.

by Wade Townsend

With a score of 33-31, Tokic and Ovtcharov broke the world record this evening for most points in a game.

In honour of those 64 points in 26 minutes, here are four things you could do in the same amount of time now that Day 3 of the Games is over:

  • Need a quick table tennis fix? Watch a replay of Ding Ning’s win over Elizabeta Samara. But that only took 11 minutes. Rewind the tape and watch it again.
  • Get your phone out and play Pokemon Go. Walking for 20 minutes should be enough time to hatch a 2km egg. If you’re lucky you could hatch a Pikachu while Dima is trying not to crack under pressure.
  • Jump on Netflix and watch an episode of your favourite sitcom. 20 minutes in to Netflix and Tokic still hasn’t won yet.
  • Learn to solve the Rubik’s Cube. This tutorial video will teach you how to complete the cube in 23 minutes.  Now if only wining consecutive points could be that easy.
Solve this cube before Tokic solves the puzzle of winning consecutive points against Dima.


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