21 Mar 2017

German Team’s Jorg Rosskopf was confident to say that he is optimistic for his team in this year’s Olympic Games. He said that they are one of the strongest teams in the competition. Liu Guoliang didn’t disagree but he has something to say about it. Meanwhile, Zhang Jike reacts to the result of the draw held last Wednesday.

The Chinese Reaction To Germany

Germany recently witnessed the training of the Chinese Team which made Jorg Rosskopf confident with their condition in the Rio Olympics. He said that they are one of the strongest teams.

Liu Guoliang agreed: “They are actually one of the strongest teams but as of now, there are a lot of teams whose level is almost the same with the German Team.” 

The Chinese head coach even said that whatever the difficulty is, the Chinese team is still the strongest in terms of the overall capacity.

“Beating us will not be an easy task for any team!” Liu Guoliang said.

Chinese Reaction To The Draw

Even before the draw, Liu Guoliang already knows who will be their opponents. “I know who are our opponents. Whoever is standing against us is our opponent.” The head coach said.

Last August 3, the draw ceremony was held in Riocentro Pavilion 4 where Chinese players and the team hold the top spots in all the competitions. This was something expected. What’s interesting is their possible opponents, especially the defending champion Zhang Jike.

After the ceremony ended, Zhang Jike said: “The draw is not important. I have to play one game at a time in the competition. I need to seriously prepare after this.” 

Meanwhile, Liu Guoliang also doesn’t attach much importance to the draw. For him, placing a label on the results of the draw would just give them burden.

“So, I tell my team that there is no good or bad draw. What’s important is that the mental condition is not affected, and just prepare for the difficulties. As of now, what’s important for the Chinese Team is to depend on ourselves. We need to depend on how we play and not on the draw.” Liu Guoliang said.

Word Of Advice

“One should win match after match in the Olympics. If you lose one, you can lose a lifetime.” Liu Guoliang said.

By Henry Chen

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