21 Mar 2017

Being the only left handed and penhold player among the playing lineup of the Chinese Men’s Team, Xu Xin is rather special. Although this third-ranking player in the world wouldn’t play in the Singles, Xu Xin has already accepted it and he is very optimistic, believing that this could be the start of his professional career.

The Special Player

Xu Xin is the only player among the Chinese Olympic lineup who still doesn’t have an Olympic experience. Aside from that, he is the youngest, the only left handed and penhold player among the three. Truly, Xu Xin is a very special player of the Chinese Men’s Team.

The third ranked player in the world is selected by the coaching staff as the third person. This means Xu Xin will just be playing in the Team competition. Despite that role, he has already attached great importance to it.

Xu Xin believes that he doesn’t just needs to motivate himself for the competition but also his teammates, especially that the Team event happens after the Singles.

“Being able to carry out this mission is something that is trusted by the coaches to me.” Xu Xin said.

The Ideal Doubles Partner

With Xu Xin’s special techniques and characteristics, he is being prepared by the Chinese Team to have a breakthrough in the Doubles. In fact, in some recent competitions, Xu Xin has already showed a stable performance.

In The Japan Open, he won with Ma Long while a week later in Korea, he won with Zhang Jike.

In the warm-up match, Xu Xin also had a stable performance with Zhang Jike, winning over their teammates.

The Positive Thinker

Xu Xin was actually with the Chinese Team in the 2012 London Olympics but he never had the chance to play in any of the games. He was selected back then as the P-Card player, or the substitute player.

This year, Xu Xin will be having his first Olympic experience in the 2016 Rio Olympics. He believes that he has already started to realise his Olympic dream.

“The Rio Olympic Games could be the start of my professional career. My Olympic championship dream has just started.” Xu Xin said.

By: Henry Chen

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