21 Mar 2017

Germany's Olympic flag bearer for Rio 2016 will be table tennis player Timo Boll.

The decision to appoint Boll as flag bearer comes following a public vote in Germany.

Other candidates who were considered for the role included double Olympic field hockey champion Moritz Fürste, and Lena Schöneborn who won the modern pentathlon gold medal at the 2008 Games in Beijing.

Boll was honoured to be named as the Rio 2016 flag bearer, “(I’m) very happy to be the flag bearer. In the past Jörg Roßkopf (German National Coach) was also a candidate, but was never selected, so this is the first time a German (table tennis player) has been the flag bearer, so this is very special. “

“(The) other 4 candidates would have also been worthy to carry the flag. For the first time it was voted by athletes and the general public so this makes the selection even more special, as they voted for me…Last night when I found out I was speechless. It is an amazing feeling and a milestone on my career.”

by Simon Daish

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