21 Mar 2017

Zhang Jike may be considered to be the most successful table tennis player in the men’s division now but his instability always gets people to doubt on him. During the Closed Training in Xiamen, Zhang Jike lost to an old opponent in the Korean Open. This forced Liu Guoliang to made extra measures to adjust the bad training of the young Grand Slam champion.

Sohu Sports. During the Closed Training in Xiamen, Zhang Jike was on time every morning to start his 5 kilometre run. This was just one part of his seriously rigorous training for the Olympic Games.

In the middle of their training period, Zhang Jike and the Chinese Olympic players attended the Korean Open to help them apply the things they learned from the training. Unfortunately, Zhang Jike wasn’t able to maximise the opportunity. He was ousted in the opening round by a familiar opponent, Chen Chien An.

“In fact I do not want to lose but when I arrive in the arena, its only my hands and feet are moving. My brain just freezes out.” Zhang Jike admitted, talking about his bad performances.

Returning to Xiamen, Liu Guoliang specifically adjusted the training of Zhang Jike. The head coach let the player adjust every aspect including the mental state and ideas. The level of competition of the Olympics is not the highest but surely the pressure is huge.

“I feel that the training now is more substantial. Before, it was a bit boring. It was agony for me but now I feel happier. This kind of disposition allows me to train well.” Zhang Jike said.

As for Liu Guoliang, he needs Zhang Jike to really focus on one thing and that is to seriously prepare for the Olympics.

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