21 Mar 2017

As the defending Olympic champion and the only Grand Slam champion on duty in the women’s division in the Rio Olympics, Li Xiaoxia holds a high profile in the upcoming competition. Along with this profile is a tough challenge that makes her a favourite target of other players. She responds that she will fight them with confidence.

Sohu Sports. Li Xiaoxia may have enjoyed the recognition from her past achievements but this also places her in a great challenge.

Li Xiaoxia started to make a name for herself when she won the World Cup in 2008. But her career skyrocketed only in 2012 she secured the Olympic Women’s Singles gold medal. A year after, she won the World Championships, making her the latest Grand Slam champion in the women’s division.

Surely Li Xiaoxia’s brilliant performance was recognised by many, but that also made herself a favourite target of other athletes.

In the next days, Olympic table tennis competition will commence and it will be a perfect opportunity to stage an upset against Li Xiaoxia. Luckily for the Grand Slam champion, she has prepared for a challenge in Rio.

She said coolly: “I feel that challenge from other players is normal. I don’t care who will I be playing against. I will play my role as a fighter. There is no Grand Slam winner in the arena, there are only athletes. For me, no matter who will be my opponent, I will go there and fight!”

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