21 Mar 2017

As the top player of the men’s table tennis these days, Ma Long is one of the highlights in the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Speaking of talent and strength, Ma Long has undeniably possessed them long before. However, we will be seeing a new Ma Long in the next weeks as he proclaims himself to be more matured and confident.

Sohu Sports. Ma Long is scheduled to be playing in the Singles and Team competitions in the Olympic Games, making all table tennis fans look forward to his performance.

“Four years ago, I only participated in the Team competition and it was necessary to get the championship. This time, I will be playing in the Singles and in the Team competitions. The methods and the ideas are definitely not the same as four years ago.” Ma Long said before their flight to Brazil.

Last 2012, Ma Long fought hard against the challenges and got the qualification for the Olympic third person. A talented player like him was only allowed to play in the Team competition and he served his purpose. China won the Team competition.

This time, Ma Long has larger responsibilities and expectations, but the 28-year old player will not flinch. “I am much more matured than four years ago. In addition, my achievements in the last year were also good. My condition and confidence are much better now.” He added.

As the top seed, Ma Long will go directly into the Round 32 (3rd round), and what he intends to do is to maintain his optimum condition until his opening round. Is everyone excited?

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